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5 day trip (courtesy aftab)

5 day trip (courtesy chico)



Amazon Green Forest Tours is an outdoor agency run by Elso Lima in Manaus. Elso is from the Amazonas and has extensive experience of more than 12 years of leading and organizing tours in the jungle. He has previously served in the army and also gone on trips for as long as 90 days. He can arrange trips based on your needs. 

 Amazon Green Forest Tours is a new company, and Elso Lima has earned a lot of good reviews on Lonely Planet, as well as from a lot of travellers who have gone on trips with him as the guide.

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caiman trip - 3 days/2 nights

 5 day boat trip 

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Elso Lima 

685, 10  de  julho (Inside Hotel Rei).


Phone: +55-92-9624-1174.