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Amazon.com/code Music is a music platform of Amazon that comes under Amazon Prime subscription. For prime members, it features more than 2 million songs which include thousands of stations and playlist without any ad. It allows users to listen to music online as well as offline without any breaks. You can listen to Amazon.com/code music on all your devices such as Fire TV, laptops, computers, smart TVs, streaming devices, Roku, Alexa-enables devices, and more. You can never have this kind of musical experience apart from amazon.com/code music. Moreover, it comes along with the amazon prime video membership you don’t need to spend extra for your entertainment. You can listen to music and watch movies or shows in one package. Moreover, you can use Amazon.com/code Music on multiple devices at the same time.

To start listening to Amazon.com/code Music you need to register your device with Amazon for music. If your device is not registered with your Amazon account then you will not be able to listen to music. To do the same there is a process designed by amazon which enables users to register their devices on Amazon.com/code Music. So, we are here with the activation process of Amazon.com/code Music for Roku devices. In this article, we will discover the benefits of Amazon.com/code Music on Roku along with the activation process.

Benefits of using Amazon.com/code Music on Roku

The following are the privileges you will get with amazon.com/code music on Roku:

  1. Users will be able to set the music preferences for related recommendations in albums, songs, playlists, and stations.

  2. During song play, the lyrics of the songs will also display on the screen.

  3. New songs will be added to the Amazon.com/code Music on their release.

  4. You can browse thousands of playlists, songs, and albums

  5. Browse music by particular album, artist, song, and genre under the search filters.

  6. You can demand the song which is not available on Amazon.com/code Music.

  7. Amazon.com/code Music is available in more than 20 languages over the world.

  8. As per records Amazon.com/code Music currently has 12 million songs in its database.

How to get Amazon.com/code Music subscription?

If you want to listen to Amazon.com/code Music on your device then you must purchase its subscription. As Amazon.com/code Music comes with Amazon.com/code Prime it has no additional subscription charges. This means you need to subscribe to Amazon Prime Video to enjoy Amazon.com/mytv Music. Also, Amazon is offering a free first-month subscription for all the new users of Amazon.com/code music.

What are Amazon.com/code Music Subscription charges?

Amazon.com/code Music is free for the users but to some extent. This means if you are not a subscribed member of Amazon.com/code Music then you will not be able to stream any music on Amazon.com/mytv Music. Check out the following subscription plans of Amazon.com/mytv Music to enjoy nonstop music:

  1. Amazon.com/code Music is included with the Amazon Prime Video. If you buy Amazon Prime Video now it will cost you $199.00 for one year along with a 30-days free trial. In this plan, four devices can use the same Amazon.com/mytv Music account.

  2. If you are looking for an Individual plan then you can buy it in $7.99 for one month and $79 for one year. Under this plan, you can operate Amazon.com/mytv Music on one device at one time.

  3. There is a family plan for Amazon.com/mytv Music which can be used on six devices at one time. It will cost you $14.99 for one month and $149 for one year.

How to activate Amazon.com/code Music on Roku?

People owing to Roku devices wonder how they will be able to set up or activate Amazon.com/mytv Music on their devices. Well, it is one of the easiest processes. You only need to pair your Rou with your Amazon.com/code Music account with the help of an “Activation code” and you are ready to make your room musical. Before starting the process lets check out the requirements of Amazon.com/mytv Music on Roku:

  1. A Roku device

  2. High-speed internet connection

  3. A laptop or computer or mobile phone

  4. Amazon Account

  5. Amazon Prime Membership

Once you arrange all the above-mentioned requirements then perform the following stated steps for activating Amazon.com/code Music on your device.

Steps to get the code to activate Prime Music

To get the activation code you need to install the application on your TV and then you can move to the activation process. Follow the process to find the activation code for Prime Music:

  1. Switch on your TV and connect it with the network connection

  2. Go to the home page and look for “App Store” or “Streaming Applications Icon”.

  3. Now, in App Store look for the “Amazon code Music” application.

  4. Once the application appears on the screen click on it.

  5. As a result, you will reach the “Information” page of the application

  6. Click on the “Download” or “Install” button.

  7. It will start the downloading of the application.

  8. Once the application finished downloading then navigates the app on the “Home” page of the TV.

  9. Further, launch the application and click on the “Sign in” button.

  10. Here, on the next screen an “Activation Code” will appear on the screen.

  11. You need to save this code for the activation Process.

  12. This activation code is unique for all the devices. This means every device will have its own activation code for accessing Prime music.

Steps to activate Prime Music on your TV using amazon.com/code

Once you get the activation code it’s time to activate the code for accessing Prime Music on your TV. Proceed with this step by step guide and activate the activation code:

  1. Save the activation code you have found in the previous section.

  2. Now go to the URL amazon.com/code on your favorite web browser.

  3. On the next screen, you will be asked to enter the username and password to sign in to your Amazon.com/mytv Music account.

  4. Input the username, password, and click on the sign-in button.

  5. On the next screen, you will be asked to enter the activation code of the device for registering your device.

  6. Enter the activation code of the device you have saved earlier and then click on the “Submit” or “Continue” button.

  7. Now your device is prepared or ready to listen to music on Amazon Prime Video.

Frequently Asked Questions For Amazon.com/code

Step 1: Install Amazon.com/code Music App in Roku

To proceed with the process you need to install Amazon Music App in your Roku. For the same navigate to the “Streaming Channels” and the search for Amazon Music. Now click on “Add Channel” or “Install Channel” to complete the installation process.

Step 2: Get the Amazon.com/code Music activation code for Roku

Now launch Amazon Music App in your Roku. As a result, an “Activation Code” will show on your screen. Save this code for the rest of the process.

Step 3: Log In to Amazon.com/code Music

Now log in to your Amazon Music account by visiting amazon.com/code or amazon.com/us/code using a mobile or computer. Here login to your Amazon account and move to the next step.

Step 4: Activate the amazon.com/code

After login, you will reach the activation page of Amazon Music. Enter the Activation code displayed on your Roku screen in the given space. It is advised to check the code after filling to avoid errors.

Step 5: Refresh Your Device

After the success of the previous step go back to your device and refresh it manually if it does not refresh automatically. After refreshing, you will be able to see the Amazon Music library and personalized recommendations on your screen. This means your Roku is successfully connected with your Amazon Music Account and you are ready to enjoy music with your family and friends. amazon.com/code |amazon.com/us/code | amazon.com/codeenter code | amazon.com/code roku | amazon.com/code | amazon.com/mytv | amazon.com/mytv login | amazon.com my/mytv | amazon.com /mytv | amazon.com/mytv enter code| amazon.com/mytv sign in | www.amazon.com/mytv | amazon.com/mytv code | amazon.com/redeem | amazon.com login.


Amazon.com/code Music in the world’s most popular music streaming platform with a wide range of songs, playlist, and radio stations. If you have a Roku then you can activate Amazon.com/code music on your Roku device. The above-mentioned steps are a quick and easy way to activate Amazon.com/code Music on Roku. If you find any kind of problems during activation then you can contact Amazon.com/code music customer care. You can also contact us for technical as well as non-technical help regarding Amazon.com/code Music.