My breeding stock


Two young bonded pairs were purchased in 2007 from breeder in Oklahoma. One pair has appeared compatible from the beginning, however, the other one has not. The less compatible pair consists of a nice male with a closed ring and a hen wearing an open ring. The hen seems somewhat more imprinted on humans. It crouches, whines and emits soft sounds when it sees my 11 year old son. It is very intolerant of girls, and particularly those with blond hair. The compatible pair is much more reserved. It still comes close to the cage bars to get treats offered from my hand. There was no aggression noted out of the breeding season, either mutual or toward the humans. In September 2009, the incompatible pair was separated. The male was put into a cage with a juvenile female from my compatible pair's 2009 hatch. Very little to no aggression observed. Another pair was formed in November 2009 from a young male from my '09 hatch, and an unrelated, hand-fed baby from Florida. On arrival hand, the fed baby appears to be significantly smaller in body size, and had visible stress lines on her feathers. Six months later, it is still significantly smaller that my parent fed ones. It vocalizes much differently than those hatched by me. At  eight months old, Juvenile female from Florida is visibly smaller than my other hens of the same age and has much less blue on the head. In 2011 at one and a half years of age is still smaller but as beautiful as my other bodinis. In 2011 Florida female and older male sold.

 Pair " One"  .  Note less extensive blue on the female's face than on the male ( female-on left male-on right).


The pair was formed in 2009. A parent raised male was purchased from Arizona. A parent raised female was purchased from Florida. The male has one toe missing reportedly since it left the nest. Some feather plucking noted on the neck and chest. It is allegedly three and a half years of age at time of purchase. It was never set up before. Female is in perfect feather and is also approximately three and half years of age. They are much more reserved than my Bodinis. They have soft vocalization when calm and harsh calls when excited or when vocalizing in the evening. Little to no aggression has been observed. The female eats variety of foods with a preference for fruits, while the male prefers seeds.


A supposedly proven pair was purchased from Arizona in 2009. The female has several toes missing. It has a closed ring on its left leg. There has been some feather plucking on the neck and chest. The male is in perfect feather. It has a closed ring on right leg. They are of unknown age. The pair has soft vocalization most of the time, and very few, if any harsh calls, when excited or vocalizing in the evening. Minimal aggression of male has been noted towards the hen when a person gets too close to the cage. No aggressive behavior has been observed since the pair has been moved to an aviary in the winter of 2009/2010. The pair perches close together. 2011 first breeding with one chick parent fed and raised.

Yellow Shoulders

reportedly proven young pair from Colorado.


reportedly proven young pair from Colorado.


handfed baby male from Colorado.