Breeding lilacinas

Breeding Lilacinas:

2010 Season

In January 2010 pair was moved to closed aviary. L shaped nest with opening partially closed with pieces of soft wood placed at furthest point from the aviary entrance. Length of lighting increased. Feeding with more greens started. At all times seeds with low sunflower and high safflower mix were given. Zupreem rainbow pellets were available at all times. Birds perch together and mutually preen. In February pair was seen chewing the nest entrance hole. No activity for the rest of the season.


Season 2010/2011

 Feeding over the summer and fall 2010 was mostly with Zupreem rainbow pellets. Long light hours left thru late Fall / early Winter. Feeding with greens and fruits and more protein food started on beginning of December. Pair was seen chewing nest entrance and entering the nest on 12-20-2010. On 12-31-10 a few feathers find in the nest. January 4th seen copulating,  January 5th mutual preening and allofeeding  observed. End of January female spends more time in nest. On June 10 first egg found. Hen did not lay any more eggs this year. She is excellent mother, did feeding of the chick mostly on her own with male bringing the food for her. Check left with parents. Ring placed at age of two weeks.