Acknowledgments and reccomended readings

There is a magnitude of good articles and information on the web on the subject of breeding Amazons, hand feeding, weaning chicks, husbandry, health care, pet potential and so on.
The problem is that many are plagiarized, twisted and incomplete. So many more are inaccurate, sales driven, misleading, false and plainly utterly wrong. For inexperienced as big or bigger problem is to tell them apart.
For taxonomy, the real good one is Wikipedia. Then, on variety of topics, the good one is Howard Voren's  Website. And so on.

There some basic books that have helped me a lot in my dream of having happy Amazons that breed and have happy babies:
Forshaw:  " Parrots of the World"
Rosemary Low: " Amazon Parrots: Aviculture, trade and conservation" 
Howard Voren and Rick Jordan: " Parrots- Hand Feeding & Nursery Management"  - a must have! But be aware!: - pictures illustrating how to hand feed  the chicks are reversed left to right ! Follow the text, not the pictures.
Dr Matthew M. Vriends: " Hand-Feeding and Raising Baby Birds"