Prague used to be one of the most important Jewish cultural  and religious centers in central Europe. The first Jewish settlement in Prague  was estabilished around the year  960AD. At this time Jews worked  as merchants, located at the junctions of important trade routes. From that time on ,Jews  played an itegral role in Prague's history. Despite many hardship such as natural disaster (fires), religious and social persecution, pogroms (massacres of Jews), and many attempts of expulsion. the local Jewish  community  has managed to survive throughout  their thousand -year history. Today, visitors  to the area of the former Jewish Ghetto  will be suprised  by it´s apperance : the once  over-populated area with narrow, winding streets, and little houses, is now gone. The Jewish Quater  was demolished after 1893 and the new district was almost entirely rebuilt in the first  decade of 20th century. The newly renovated area is a display of pseudo -historic styles and the Art Noveau style. Only the Old Jewish Cemetary, the Jewish Town Hall and six synagogues  have been preserved without change. In 1994, the Jewish Museum in Prague was founded as a non-state organization . Today the Jewish  Museum has one of the most extensive collections of Judaic art in the world , containing about 100 000 artifact.

Duration 2,5 - 3 hours
With this highly regarded tour you will have the unique opportunity to visit the former Jewish Ghetto,including interiors .You will learn the fascinating reason why Nazis,instead of destroying all Jewish buildings and religious object,choose to establish the Central Jewish Museum in Prague.Additionally ,we will discuss how Jews are living in Prague today .Don't worry about too much walking ,all these sights are very close to one another and there is a chance to sit and relax indoors.
Tours with interiors are not possible on Saturdays and during Jewish holidays.

Duration 1,5hours
If you are short on time you can join us for basic, but very thourough and informative tour without interiors. A nice walk through the entire JEWISH TOWN, known first as the OLD GHETTO ,and today JOSEFOV. We'll walk past THE OLD NEW SYNAGOGUE, the oldest active and operating synagogue in all  Europe and THE OLD JEWISH CEMETARY, one of the largest and the best preserved mediaval Jewish graveyards in the world -a must see.

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