Why You Should Join Our Club

Assalammualaikum and hello for all new comers. Thank you for visiting my new web site. This web site is to promote all places around Terengganu. Thats why I chose my logo name with the tagline "Amazing Terengganu Destinations: the best memories ever". I hope everyone who never been or have been visit Terengganu before may like with the tagline.
    Basically, the purpose of creating this web site is to challenge myself and to compete with hundreds or may be thousands of people out there who are very talented and skilled in design a web site.With this competition will help me to enhance my skills in order to become a good web site developer.
    Therefore, I tried very hard to design and get some ideas from other bloggers.In my mind, there is many questions. One of them is how I can get all the informations and pictures regarding Terengganu places?
    Last week, I tried to contact all the homestay around Terengganu. About six of them. Luckly, 3 of them (ATZ Homestay, Homestay Seri Amer & Siti Khadijah Hometstay) response positively to me. They are agreed and I will help them to promote their homestay in this web site.
    You got an interesting adventure to tell someone? Well why don't you share your stories and photographs with Amazing Terengganu Destinations. Free of Charge.NO PAYMENT. Send to me at sfyusof@yahoo.com and I will publish to this web site. Please remember to include your details and contact information.
     Hopefully with your kind contribution to this web site, will help me to promote facisnating places around Terengganu to the local and also for international people.
                                                                             Best wishes,
                                                                             Siti Fatimah Yusof


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