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Our Breads

The Big Olney Loaf, a 2.25 Kg Sourdough using 85% extract stone-ground Brown Flour'
The Big Olney Loaf
Usually 2.35Kg, and at least 2Kg, and made using only Organic, Stoneground, 85% extract brown flour from Maud Foster Windmill, in Boston, Lincolnshire, Water, and Sea Salt. This is a very large, tasty & moist 'Poilâne' style 'miche'. This makes a healthy family lunchtime centrepiece, to accompany soup, cheese or cold cuts. It also makes the perfect cheese toastie, when buttered on the outside, filled with good quality cheese, and gently fried or griddled. Also perfectly suited for Mediterranean Bruschetta, or "Pa Amb Olio"