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A beautiful Peach Rose from last summer...

The Spider Plant or chlorophytum comosum helps filter the air of smoke and other nasty chemicals. The spider plant is very easy to take care of as well. It can survive in medium to full light and moderately damp soil to near drought conditions. You can learn more about the spider plants and it's amazing abilities here!

The day lily is a great addition to any back yard. They are a perennial that flowers in the early summer. You can e-mail us for pricing.

Rose of Sharon are one of the most spectacular plants out there, just look at all the different colored flowers!

You can purchase the seeds through Google Checkout below...

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This was the first Google Gadget that I have tried here in page creator so it will have to stay for a while, plus who doesn't love pac-man? Plenty more to come as the spring blooms...

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