About Diana

Diana Ding,
Award-winning and innovative Program Director, radio and television personality.
Created the first Chinese women and kid’s bay area TV show.
Invited speaker and host of prestigious community galas.
2006:  Awarded as Asian American Hero from Santa Clara County.
2005: Honored as Best Radio Program from N. California Chinese Media Association
2003:  Won first prize SingTao Chinese Radio DJ competition.
丁維平 - 活躍在舊金山,硅谷灣區的資深電台,電視及大型晚會的節目主持人﹐制作人及新聞主播。現任世界電視節目總監﹐制作主持世界電視KMTPTV32周一到周五每晚6點半到七點的專題訪談節目《非常維平》。03獲星島中文電台DJ大賽冠軍。05年獲第十一屆北加州華人傳媒協會年度最佳廣播節目制作獎。06年獲Santa Clara County頒發的2006美國亞裔英雄獎。

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Diana is very active in community and usually spends her week ends hosting large local events. 

   07/19/08 Cow Place,  Hosted Northern California Cow Place Gala for 2008 BeiJing Olympic. (Picture1: With Co-host WeiLin  Huang and Lan Sang, Picture2: with WeiLin Huang)

 05/03/09 Cupertino 99Ranch, Hosted Mother's Day "Poem for Mother" Children Poem Reading Contest

(Picture1: in the middle, Kansen Chu, San Jose City Council Member, Daisy Chu, wife of councilman Kansen.California Women of the year)


02/03/09 San Jose Center for the Performing Art, Hosted Spring Festival Silicon Valley 2009

(Picture1 Left Lei Zhang)


 04/19/09 Palo Alto Church, Performed with Diana's Little MCs Class for Stanford Chinese Club

(Picture1: with students from Diana's Little MCs Class)


 01/14/09 San Jose Reptory Theater, Performed as main role in HuaYi's Stage show "Date with Spring"

(Picture1: Joanna Zhang in red, Yiru Chen in Blue)


 09/28/08 Santa Clara University Louis Mayer Theater, SV Chorus 2008 Concert "Claud from Hometown"

Picture2: Singing at the concert


 09/23.08 Palo Alto, Hosted 2008 Silicon Valley Chinese Celebration National Day

(Picture2: with other 3 MCs Hong Zhou, GuangYu Xu, Li Zhang)


 08/04/09 Cupertino Quene Land Center Qu, Hosted U-Theater lecture

(Picture2: Musicians from TaiWan and Maria Chan)


 08/13/09 Milpitas, Hosted Friends Wedding

(Co-host Victor Seberi)


 06/12/08 Fremont Park, 512 Earthquake Victims Candle Light Vigil - Fremont, CA 

(Co-host: James Li)


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  • Hosted major Chinese events: hosted opening ceremony for the 2006 Northern California Chinese Athletic Federation.  Hosted the opening ceremony of the 2006 Moon Festival in Cupertino Memorial Park and arranged to have part-time DJs to host the main stage for two days.
  • Developed media relations with a major Chinese internet site Wunxeicity.com to enable thousands listeners to listen our shows online.
  • Developed close ties with Santa Clara county officials to raise awareness of government services for the Chinese community.  As a result, received the county’s 2006 Asian-American Hero Awards.
  • Developed Children’s Radio Academy.  Currently, there are 40 students enrolled.  This program allows youth to demonstrate their talents.  They help add varieties to the radio show and expand the influence of the radio station.
  • Developing and promoting the US Chinese Media brand and AM1500: Designed company logo and newspaper advertising.  Wrote the theme song for the station: Let Radio Wave Lighten Every Hope.  Participated in Chinese culture events from Bay Area to Sacramento to promote the radio station.
  • Developed and hosted programs: Women Heart to Heart, Sow with Love, Life Marathon. Gourmet Cooking and Sunday Adult School.
  • Developed new DJ training program and attracted over 30 part-time DJs to create variety programs for the new radio stations.
  • Developed close ties with local Chinese Communities in promoting culture events and charitable works.
  •  In 2003, developed and hosted the following programs: Life Magazine, Bay Area Art Forum, True Love Story and Good Morning Silicon Valley.  Through Art Forum, promoted unknown artists and developed close ties with many famous Bay Areas musicians and singers.  promoted local Chinese writers and helped local Chinese get to know the local writers.
  • Wrote a song for the morning show: Good Morning Silicon Valley.
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 AMAZING BAY AREA LIFE:   Health, House Decorating, Design, Tai Chi, Finance, Insurance, Education, Hi-tech, Automobiles.
 AMAZING WOMEN:  Family, Career, Fashion, Jewelry, Hair Styles, Cosmetics, Personal Relationships, Shopping, Weight Loss, Food, Cooking.
 AMAZING KIDS:  Child & Adult Talent Shows, Competitions, Story Telling, Dancing, Crafts, Artwork, Painting, Martial Arts, Music, Singing
 AMAZING ARTISTS:  Culture and the Arts, Interviews with Bay Area Artists,  Writers, Art organizations and other cultural events.
 AMAZING COMMUNITY:  Community events and news, social activities and weekend get-aways.
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