Bag for make up. Eye makeup for blonde hair.

Bag For Make Up

bag for make up
    make up
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  • The combination of qualities that form a person's temperament
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bag for make up - Billabong Easy
Billabong Easy Does It Juniors Shoulder Bag - Olive
Billabong Easy Does It Juniors Shoulder Bag - Olive
When it comes to purses, every girl knows that bigger is better. The Easy Does It bag from Billabong is every bit of oversized fashion that you could ever want. It features a slouchy canvas construction with aged faux leather panels and straps, along with a contrast interior lining that boasts a repeating heart pattern.
100% Cotton
Billabong shoulder bag
Measures approximately 15" x 14" x 3.5"
Faux leather accents
Embossed faux leather Billabong label
Contrast lining
Three front zippered pouches
Two carry handles
Large main compartment with zippered closure
Interior zip pocket

86% (11)
Make-up Bag Birthday Cake
Make-up Bag Birthday Cake
While I've been off line I've been going through my photos and checking through my SD cards and I came across this cake from 2006 that I hadn't uploaded for some reason. I think maybe I didn't post it as I already had a virtually identical cake in my cake set. However this Debbie Brown design is a very popular cake and much requested ........ so I thought this one ought to join my cake sets .... for the record! Bag is fondant iced cake ..... all make-up is made of fondant. (I have "dongle" use for a bit tonight ..... yippeee ...... so I'll try to get to as many of you as possible!)
Make-up- bag green dots
Make-up- bag green dots
Lovely little bag/purse made of Amy Butler fabric for your make up or use it as a wallet/purse, closes with a button. Colors: green-pink-green-blue. Size: 21 x 14 cm. The outside contains a flower made of the same fabric used on the inside. Material: cotton On the inside is a extra pocket. Make-up products are not included.

bag for make up