Amazing Cosmetics Velvet Mineral

amazing cosmetics velvet mineral
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amazing cosmetics velvet mineral - Amazing Cosmetics
Amazing Cosmetics Velvet Mineral Pressed Powder Foundation 0.35 oz.
Amazing Cosmetics Velvet Mineral Pressed Powder Foundation 0.35 oz.
Velvet Mineral Pressed Powder Foundation is a lightweight, sheer to full coverage foundation that promotes skin health while minimizing flaws and imperfections. The fine, powder-like texture diminishes the appearance of enlarged pores and fine lines while creating a sheer veil of natural-looking pigment over the skin. Redness and uneven skin tones are smoothed and perfected, resulting in a flawless-looking finish. Free of talc, dyes, oils and fragrances, and suitable for all skin types. Medium Beige is a light shade.

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amazing cosmetics velvet mineral
amazing cosmetics velvet mineral
Amazing Cosmetics Velvet Mineral Pressed Powder Foundation Medium Biege
What it is:A foundation powder for amazing natural coverage.What it does:AmazingCosmetics Velvet Mineral Foundation Pressed Powder is a silky, soft mineral foundation that glides on effortlessly, creating a flawless complexion without any mess. It's formulated to minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines while creating a natural matte finish for the face, and you can customize the look you desire with just a swipe of your brush.What else you need to know:Velvet Mineral Foundation Powder allows your skin to breathe while giving your complexion even tone and texture. An added bonus: Velvet Mineral Foundation Powders are color and shade coordinated to match all seven AmazingConcealer shades. AmazingCosmetics Velvet Mineral Foundation Pressed Powder is paraben-free.