It all starts here

This year students from 1º ESO F are going to be working on a project about Britain

As part of the project, 1º ESO will be reading "All About Britain" , by Editorial Burlington.

Students will be carrying out different tasks towards a final product, a website/brochure on how to be a perfect Brit. This final product will be shared with the rest of the world at the end of the academic year...hopefully.

Let the fun begin!


Working on this project students will be developing most of the skills needed for acquiring meaningful learning nowadays such as the linguistic, digital, social, cultural and artistic competences, learning to learn how to learn, personal autonomy and determination, among others.
Besides, they will be practising many of the contents and fulfilling most of the learning standards needed for 1º ESO:
  • Listening and talking
  • Reading and writing
  • Language Knowledge (tenses, adjectives, connectors, vocabulary related to everyday life,...)
  • Sociocultural aspects
It seems a lot of work, but no need to despair because there is a whole year ahead and we are all full of beans.

Subject: English
Academic level: 1º ESO
School: IES Vicente Medina, Archena (Murcia)
Author: Inma López