This is a Capstone Project for SPSU Game Design. I made this game to try and combine the fun rolling playstyle of Super Monkey Ball and twist it with some odd gravity manipulation through level design. The player moves their character around using the mouse and keyboard combination and is able to boost forward by pressing the spacebar. Through out the levels the player is faced with jumps they must complete and challenges using the two main objects: the jump pad and the gravity wall.
Jump Pads and Gravity Walls are fairly straight forward in their design.
The Jump pads will launch the player up in the world space as long as the player is within the pad's sphere of influence.
The Gravity Walls apply a local Up or Down force on the player depending on which side the player is on. The force is there to simulate gravity for the player so that they can roll on the wall to use it as a means of getting from one place in the level to another.