The Sport of Ring Jousting...

A traditional ring joust -- a test of skill and horsemanship where riders pass through a series of arches, attempting to spear three dangling rings and present them to the judges. There are three regulation rides for three rings, allowing a knight or maid to capture nine rings for a perfect score. Ring diameters range from one and three quarters inches for novices to one inch for professional jousters.

Ring Jousting
Maryland's Official State Sport

Jousting is a sport synonymous with Maryland history. It has survived in Maryland since the founding of the original colony.

The people of Maryland enjoy this sport because of its colorful, friendly, traditional aspects. Men, women and children participate often in the same classes, and always under the same set of standard rules. A Maryland Jousting Tournament is unique in its own right, and depicts the motto of the Great Seal of Maryland. It is indeed a sport of “Manly Deeds and Womanly Words”.

During the special February session of the Maryland legislature in 1962, the Honorable Henry J. Fowler Sr., Delegate from St. Mary's County, introduced a bill into the Maryland House of Delegates giving recognition to the sport of jousting as the Official State Sport of Maryland. This bill passed both chambers of the Legislature by an overwhelming vote and was signed into law by Governor J. Millard Tawes. Thus, as of June 1, 1962, Maryland became the first state in the United States to adopt an official state sport. We are proud of the honor and of the opportunity to present for the fine people of Maryland, as well as the tourists and visitors from other states, what we proudly hail as the Official State Sport of Maryland.

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