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XLBaffle/ Edge

XLBaffle (output screen shown below) is an older free excel spreadsheet and can be downloaded from various hosts including
The Edge (output screen shown below) is a free program that can be found at

XLBaffle and The Edge are both open baffle speaker simulation software but they simulate different things.  XLBaffle takes into account driver parameters, baffle size, and driver position on the baffle.  The speaker driver can be offset vertically but it cannot be offset horizontally on the baffle. 
The Edge does not take the speaker driver parameters into account at all, except for Sd (cone area).  This is specifically a baffle response modeler.  It does allow for horizontal driver offset and complex baffle shapes, while XLBaffle does not.  Between these two programs you get all the features you need but you need to mentally overlay and sum the outputs of both programs together to see the big picture if you intend to use horizontal driver offset or a complex baffle shape. 
MJK's Open Baffle Mathcad Worksheets are a better overall solution, incorporating all of the features of both of these programs and more into a very comprehensive simulation tool.  MJK's Worksheets are not free though and for ultra frugal personalities XLBaffle and The Edge are adequate enough.  I don't actually use The Edge at all anymore since I got MJK's Worksheets, but I still use XLBaffle to get a very quick idea of how things look before spending more time with MJK's much more detailed worksheets.
Technically you can get by without any OB design software if you have a very solid grasp on OB theory.  There are a handful of extremely important parameters and details that must be carefully balanced but this is stuff that can be done in your head for the most part.  It's nice to have fancy OB speaker design software but not entirely necessary.