Thank you for a wonderful semester.  Here are some comics for your amusement:

Final Exam avg (before curve): 54.83

Final Exam avg (after curve): 68.56

Thank you to the 26 people (76.47%) who took the course evaluations. 

SAMPLE FINALS: I have uploaded three recent 113 finals to the documents section.  I will (eventually) have solutions to these exams posted to my office door.  You may check your answers against this solutions whenever you like but PLEASE do not take them (there will only be one copy).

Wednesday, May 9th: Review Session from 11-1 in ES146

Quiz #13 avg: 4.63

Reminder: Please remember to fill out the course evaluation on MyUAlbany.  The last day to complete it is Wednesday, May 9th.  THANK YOU!!

NOTE: Monday's office hours (May 7th) from 3-4PM have been moved to 11AM-noon.

Quiz #12 avg: 5.53

Quizzes 12 & 13: Quizzes will be on TUESDAYS for the remainder of the semester in order to fit in a total of 13 (and therefore, 3 will be dropped).

Exam # 2 avg: 60.57

Exam #2 will be on Tuesday, April 24th.  It will cover Sections 11.1-11.7.

Quiz #11 avg: 5.10

Quiz #10 avg: 5.10

April 5: Extra Credit (to be applied to exam #2) will be handed out today and will be due when we return from break on Tuesday, April 10th.  You can earn UP TO 20 extra points on the exam but your final score cannot exceed 100.  These should be done individually although you may use your book or notes for reference.  The grading will be much more strict than an in class assignment.

Quiz #9 avg: 6.53

Just a reminder that the last day to drop or to opt for the S/U grading option is this Wednesday, April 4th.

Exam #2 avg: 63.5

Quiz #9 avg: 4.71

March 8: Our second exam will take place on Tuesday, March 27th and will be on all material covered in Chapters 8 and 10.

Quiz #7 avg: 5.91

March 7: Today is the midpoint of the semester.

Quiz #6 avg: 6.41

Exam #1 avg: 63.2

I will hold office hours before our exam on Thursday, February 23rd, from 11AM-1PM.

February 16: Please read the beginning of section 7.5, pages 494-497, this weekend.

Quiz #5 avg: 5.47

Exam #1 will be on Thursday, February 23rd and will cover everything we've done from Chapters 6 & 7.

Quiz #4 avg: 5.81

Quiz #3 avg: 5.26

Quiz #2 avg: 5.77

Quiz #1 avg: 5.83

You will need this code to access our course's WebAssign site: albany 5167 8555