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Roller Derby!!!
  Come out to see your local derby girls (myself included) this Saturday, May 15th at the Washington Avenue Armory (corner of Lark St. and Washington Ave.)  Doors open at 6PM, whistle at 7PM.  There will be two additional bouts this season: June 5th and June 19th!

Final Grades: The final exams are graded and final grades will be submitted shortly.  If you are curious about your grades you are more than welcome to shoot me an email or stop by my office this week. 

Extended Office Hours:  I will hold extra office hours on Wednesday, May 5th, from 10AM-5PM.  I have reserved room 108 in the Earth Science building for when my office gets too crowded so check for me in both places.

Quiz 11:
  Take home quiz #11, due Tuesday, May 4th by 4:15 PM may be submitted electronically, dropped off at my office or in my mail box or brought to class but no late submissions will be accepted.
  There is a copy of the quiz that can be printed out on the documents page.

Final Exam: Our final exam will be Thursday, May 6th from 8AM until 10AM in the Lecture Center, Room #5.

Quiz 10:  Take home quiz #10, due Tuesday, April 27th by 4:15 PM may be submitted electronically, dropped off at my office or in my mail box or brought to class but no late submissions will be accepted.  There is a copy of the quiz that can be printed out on the documents page.

CARSS Survey:  Our section of Calc I has been chosen to take a mandatory survey about the Center for Achievement, Retention and Student Success.  The survey was handed out in class on Tuesday, April 20th.  I have also uploaded a copy of it to the documents section.  Please return these surveys to me no later than Monday, April 26th.

Exam 3:
  Thursday, April 22nd, will be our third and final exam.  It will cover Chapter 4 (excluding sections 4.6 and 4.8 which we will be skipping).  The class before the exam will be a review day so be prepared with any questions from this chapter that you may have.

For the second extra credit assignment, I highly recommend reading the most recent article (posted Monday, April 6th) because it is the most relevant to Calculus.

Extra Credit:
I have uploaded two extra credit assignments to the documents section.  If you received a 70 or better on Exam #2 you may only do one assignment.  If you received less than a 70 you may do both.  They are both due Thursday, April 8th.  Feel free to email me any questions you have about this assignment.

Note: As of Thursday, March 26th, I have added an additional office hour on Thursday's from 2-3.

Don't Forget:  The last day to drop a course or to file for the S/U grading option is Tuesday, April 6th, the day that we return from Spring Break.

Note: As requested, I have reposted all of the homework assignments from Chapter 3 on webassign (named 3.x revisited) to be used as additional practice for Thursday's exam and will not expire until the end of the semester.

ANNOUNCEMENT:  Our second exam will be on Thursday, March 18th.  It will be on all of Chapter 3 and we will be reviewing on Tuesday so please bring your questions to class.

The syllabus has been updated, as of March 4th, to include the new homework policy and is available for download on the documents page.

Extra Credit: Due Thursday, March 4th.  Find the derivatives of secant, cosecant and cotangent using derivative rules.  You can NOT just right down the answer, you have to show your work!  Worth up to 5 points on Exam #2.

Exam 1 Corrections:  On exam 1, students can earn back up to half of the points lost by correcting mistakes.  Corrections should be neat and accurate and are due no later than Tuesday, March 2nd by 4:15 (beginning of class).  You may go to the tutoring center or my office hours for help.  Be sure to hand in your exam along with the corrections!

Monday, February 22nd:  There will be no quiz on Monday.  We will be beginning Chapter 3.

Note: I have uploaded an extra continuity worksheet on the documents page as well as the solutions.  Review questions for Chapters 1 & 2 are listed on the homework page.  These questions are not available on webassign so you will have to do them from the textbook.
Extended office hours will be held Wednesday, February 17th from 1:30-2:30 and Thursday, February 18th from 1:15-4:00.

Quiz #3
:  If you were one of the students who had confusion about the third quiz (given on Monday, February 8th) and received a grade less than the average (7.5) please come talk to me in my office either Wednesday, February 10th between 10:30 and 2:30 or Thursday, February 11th between 1 and 4.  You will be given the opportunity to explain your mistakes and possibly regain half of the points lost.  You will NOT be given this opportunity if after Thursday's class.

Announcement:  Our first exam (on Appendices A, B & D and Chapters 1 & 2, excluding 1.4 and 2.4) will be Thursday, February 18th.  We will be reviewing on February 11th so please bring all questions or comments to class that day!

Note:  The homework and schedule are up to date as of February 8th, 5:30 PM.

Reminder: Office Hours for Friday, February 5th are canceled.  I will, however, hold office hours Thursday, February 4th from 2-3 PM.

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