Thank you all for a wonderful semester!  Grades are submitted and I hope you have a great summer.  Here is a comic you might enjoy:

May 3rd:
My office hours for the rest of the semester will be as follows:

Friday, May 6th, 10:15-11:30
Monday, May 9th, Course review, 1-3, ES147
Tuesday, May 10th, 12-2
Wednesday, May 11th, 12-1

April 7th:
Here is an outline of dates for the rest of the semester:

Project #4: Will be assigned 4/26 and will be due 5/11 before the final exam begins
Final Exam: Will be on 5/11 in our normal classroom from 1:00-3:00 PM. (Average=71)
Exam #3: Will be on 5/3 (the last day of classes) (Average=69.4)
Project #3: Will be assigned 4/11 and will be due 4/26 (Average=7.65)
Quiz #5: Will be on 4/28 (Average=8.47)

April 5th:
Remember that the second project is due next Tuesday, April 11th.

March 29th:
I apologize for shortening class on Thursday.  Due to my illness, today's exam has been postponed until Thursday, March 31st.

March 21st: Just a reminder that next Wednesday, March 30th, is the last day to drop a course or opt to use the S/U option.

March 22nd:
Quiz 3 will be Thursday, March 24th and Exam 2 will be Tuesday, March 29th.

March 17th:
  The first project average was 7.56 out of 10.

March 15th:
Quiz 2 had an average of 8.18 out of 10.

March 10th:
No new homework from today but be sure you are caught up with previous homework assignments and that you fully understand the concept of percentiles.

March 9th:
I apologize for the delay in the HW posting.  It is now up on Course Compass and it's listed in the homework section.

March 3rd:
Don't forget that the first project is due next Tuesday, March 8th!!

February 21st:
The first exam average was a very acceptable 77.4%

February 20th:
I have added the first project to the documents page in case you were not in class on Thursday when I handed it out.

February 15th: I have added a sample exam to the documents section.  I will hold office hours today from 2:45-4:05 and tomorrow from 2:45-4:05 in ADDITION to my regularly scheduled office hours.

February 10th:
In addition to the assigned homework questions, please read section 2.3 as well.  We will finish section 2.4 on Tuesday and will spend the rest of class reviewing for the exam so be sure to bring any of your questions to class.  The most recent homework listed here is not on course compass but is good practice for the exam.

February 8th:
Exam #1 will be on Thursday, February 17th and will cover chapters 1 & 2.  Time permitting, the end of class on Tuesday, February 15th will be set aside for answering questions about/for the exam.

February 4th:
The average for Quiz #1 was a 7.03 out of 10.

February 3rd: Due to the cancellations on Wednesday, I will hold office hours on Thursday, February 3rd from 10:15 to 11:35.

February 1st:
We had very low attendance in class today due to the weather so here are the things everyone should know.  There is a homework assignment posted on the topics we covered in class today (end of 1.5 covering counting the number of pairwise comparisons and all of 1.6), there will be a quiz on Thursday at the beginning of class covering all of chapter 1 (questions will be similar to homework questions and the quiz should take no more than 20 minutes) and we weren't able to do the in class project involving last week's movie ballot so we will be working on that and discussing the results after the quiz.  Anyone who would like to take a look at what the in class project will entail, you can find the project in the documents section.