Project Status

Science Panels

The five Science Panels will be composed of leading professional and amateur astronomers in their field.

Solar Studies (including, but not limited to- CME, flares, solar cycles, prominences, seismology, sunspots, Earth-Sun interactions)

Solar System Science (including, but not limited to- origin, evolution, asteroids, comets, planets, dwarf planets, moons, KBOs, impact cratering, geochemistry, space weather, extra-terrestrial life forms)

Extra-Solar Planetary Systems (including, but not limited to- origin, evolution, populations, asteroids, comets, planets, moons, extra-solar life forms)

Stars and Stellar Evolution (including, but not limited to- stellar formation and evolution, low mass stars, massive stars, stellar remnants, exotic stars, multiple systems, clusters, stellar structure, stellar phenomena and activity)

Galaxies and Cosmology (including, but not limited to- galactic structure and evolution, stellar populations, interstellar media, interacting galaxies, mergers, AGN, QSOs, gas accretion, super-massive black holes, galaxy clusters)

Each panel will be asked to report on:
•    Current science questions
•    State of professional research
•    State of amateur capabilities
•    Recommendations for pro-am collaborations