Project Status


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Principle Investigator, Executive Committee Chair- Dr. Arne Henden, AAVSO Director
Project Managers- Mike Simonsen, Rebecca Turner, AAVSO
Preliminary planning and coordination
Funding (US)
Initial web design and construction
Summary Report publication
Project Evaluation

Executive Committee
Collect and assign white papers to Science Panels
Preside over workshops, town halls and meetings
Oversight of Science Panels
Review of Science Panel Reports
Write Summary Report

Science Panels
Solar Science
Solar System Science
Extra-Solar Planetary Systems
Stars and Stellar Evolution
Galaxies and Cosmology

Each panel will-
Assess current amateur capabilities and potential.
Examine and evaluate the merit of white papers.
Present scientific justification for amateur participation in specific areas of exploration based on important scientific questions.
Write a report naming at least three recommendations for continued and/or new pro-am collaborations.