Project Status

International Support

The following individuals have offered letters of support for the First Survey of Professional and Amateur Collaborations in Astronomy as of May, 2010 (many more are pending). 

 • Nikolai G. Bochkarev, Sternberg Astronomical Institute

 • Dr. David Boyd, President of the British Astronomical Association (BAA)

 • Tom Boles, Coddenham Astronomical Observatory

 • Dr. Geoffrey C. Clayton, LSU

 • Dr. Matthew Colless, Anglo Australian Observatory

 • David J. Eichner, Astronomy magazine

 • Dr. Rick Feinberg, American Astronomical Society (Press Officer)

 • Dr. Don Hoard, Spitzer Science Center

 • Terry Mann, Astronomical League


 • Bob Naeye, Sky & Telescope magazine

 • Dr. Nikolay Samus,  Institute of Astronomy, Russia Academy of Science

 • Dr. Paula Szkody, University of Washington and editor of PASP

 • Dr. Lee Anne Willson, Iowa State University

 • Dr. Dennis Zaritsky, Steward Observatory 

If you are interested in writing a letter of support, please list your e-mail address below and we will contact you. Thank you!