Project Status

The First Survey of Professional and Amateur Collaborations in Astronomy


The First Survey of Professional and Amateur Collaborations in Astronomy will survey areas of astronomy and astrophysics, recommending priorities for the most important professional-amateur scientific and technical collaborations of the decade 2012-2021.

The principal goals of the survey will be to carry out an assessment of professional-amateur collaborations in astronomy and astrophysics, both previously recognized and new, and to prepare a concise report, recommending specific projects and areas of scientifically useful pro-am collaborations and studies, addressed to professional and amateur astronomical organizations, agencies supporting the field, the governmental committees with jurisdiction over those agencies, the general scientific community, and the public at large.

Preliminary Schedule

Planning, funding and organizing the survey, communications and website development.

Call for white papers

First meeting of the Executive Committee (Cambridge)

Deadline for submission of white papers

Panels convened -1st meeting


Panels convened- 2nd meeting

Final submission of Science Panel reports

Final Executive Committee Meeting, Cambridge

Final report published

Click here for a PDF of slides from a talk given by Aaron Price on May 12 at the Society of Astronomical Sciences meeting in Big Bear, CA. The video of the talk is expected to be posted to the SAS web site. We will link to it when it is available.

Aaron also presented a poster on the survey at the  American Astronomical Society meeting in Miami, FL; May 23-27.

Progress Report
Where are we now?

August 16, 2011

It has become clear that not only are we going to be unable to obtain financial support for this project, but that the amateur organizations this plan counts on to complete a survey of this type are largely unwilling or unable to supply the support needed to accomplish the survey's goals.

Likewise, the reaction from the professional community, other than our professional variable star research friends who offered letters of support, has been luke warm to non-existent.

The AAVSO has agreed to act as principle investigator, supply project management, plan and coordinate meetings, obtain funding (if possible), host the web site, publish the summary report and provide project evaluation at the end, but we cannot do it alone. Therefore, regrettably, we have decided not to pursue this idea any further.

November 16, 2010

We changed the name of the project to better reflect its purpose, and we have devised three potential plans based on the amount of funding we receive.

Now we are working to obtain funding to realize the project. 

Phase 1
Organization and Planning
Contact Potential Supporters and Participants
Obtain Funding

Phase 2
Establish Executive Committee
Plan Workshops, Communications and Logistics

Phase 3
Call for white papers
Collection of white papers by Ex. Comm.
Establish Science Panel Chairs and Members

Phase 4
Distribute white papers
Workshops, town halls, meetings
Write Science Panel Reports

Phase 5
Science Panel Reports Submitted to Ex. Comm.
Final Reviews by Ex. Comm.
Summary Report Published

Phase 6
Dissemination of Summary Report
Evaluate Process
Evaluate Impact of Report on Astronomy and Astrophysics