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Miniature painting is an art form requiring patience and a steady hand.
Miniatures differ from other artworks by having the additional  requirements of a smooth surface, fine brushstrokes not easily visible to the naked eye and looking just as good vastly enlarged  as they do in their original size. Generally the subject is painted no larger than 1/6 of life size.

Brief History of Miniature Painting

  Miniature painting  has its beginnings in ancient history. The word Miniature comes from the latin “miniare” “to color with red lead” –minium was the red lead paint used painting illuminated manuscripts. Miniature paintings  are usually very small because the technique is difficult & time consuming. Most modern competitions have a size restriction (ours is 25 square inches). Miniature painting is a smooth-surfaced type of painting done with very small, detailed brushstrokes . It appears in many cultures, including the illustrations on papyrus scrolls in ancient Egypt and the manuscripts and medals of Rome.   In the Middle East, Persian miniatures were famed for their fine detail. During the Middle Ages in Europe there was an increase in miniatures with the production of illustrated books and manuscripts by monks. In the 1500’s portrait miniatures emerged and became especially popular during the 17th and 18th centuries, partly because they are so easily portable. Long before photography these little paintings were carried to remind people of loved ones and were also used for long distance introductions. Henry VIII chose one of his wives partly on the basis of her portrait (but was disappointed when he discovered the artist had overly "enhanced" the lady).  In the latter half of the 19th century the availability of daguerreotypes led to a decline in the popularity of miniatures.  In recent times their popularity has been growing, commanding higher prices with collectors.

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