The official "Flood / Disaster management" document of government of Gujarat says  that there are 186 small, medium and large rivers in Gujarat. Out of those many rivers, seventeen small and medium length rivers pass through Bhal region. They are as follows:-

Rivers of Bhal region has their catchment area in Shihor-Malnath Hill Range, Shetrunjay Hill Range and Hill range of Amreli and Rajkot district.

Five rivers that start from Shihor-Malnath Hill Range seem to flow from south to north in order to reach Bhal. They are relatively short in length and non-perennial in nature. e.g. Bhikado, Khari, Gautami, Sonpari and sanosari. (Shown in light blue in above map)

As all most all the seventeen rivers are having their catchment areas away from Bhal, those rivers flood Bhal region even when Bhal itself has not received much rainfall for that particular season.