Leh Trip May 2008

Reaching Srinagar & a day trip to Gulmarg !

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The GoAir flight reached at 9am surprisingly on time at Srinagar. As Mrs Partibha Patil,the president was in Srinagar, it was declared a holiday hence most shops and establishments were shut. Being season time the tourist rush was heavy. Caught a cab to the TRC (Tourist Reception Center). The JK Tourism Guesthouse behind the TRC was full. 

So I walked to Dal Gate and checked with few GH and finally got Ruby GH, close to the intersection of Dal Gate and Boulevard Road (Dal Lake front road). 


The rest of the day chilled and in the evening walked on the lake front. 

 As the next day was a DRY DAY, buses were not plying to Leh. So planned to visit Gulmarg instead.

For further photos visit:- http://picasaweb.google.com/amards14/LehTripDay1Srinagar


The next morning at 7 reached the TRC but the buses to Gulmarg were already packed so luckily got a family willing to chip in and we hired a cab to Gulmarg. It seemed the president stayed the night at Gulmarg and we were stuck waiting for her to leave after which we were allowed into Gulmarg. The place was packed with tourist and the weather was nice and cool. Most went up see see and play with snow on back of ponies. We walked about and visited the Gondola which was packed till the brim with people waiting in the line to enter the premises. 

We had lunch in a open garden on the far end of Gulmarg and visited a model house created by the tourism department. We reached back by 4 and left for Srinagar. Had a early night as we had a bus to Kargil the other day.



 For further photos visit:- http://picasaweb.google.com/amards14/LehTripDay2Gulmarg