Auli Ski Trip  -Feb 2008

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As my wife and other ladies were coming along so we ensured there was luxury involved especially in the stay and travel.

15th Feb'08

We left for Delhi in the 6am flight from Mumbai. Reached Delhi more or less on time. We had hired a tempo-traveler for the 9 of us. We left Delhi for Hardiwar by 10ish. En-route we stopped for awesome dhabba food at hotel Jhall at Meerut. 


We reach Hardiwar by 6pm and checked into the beautiful hotel Haveli in the main bazaar area. Its a very nice and tastefully made hotel. We attended the Har-Ki-Puri aarti at 7 and ate some food in the bazar hot samosas and chaat and sweet lassi. 

We returned back to the hotel for dinner and retried for the day.

16th Feb'08

Got up early and left Hardiwar by 6am to Reach Joshimath at the targeted time of 3pm.  Unfortunately we got a flat tire immediately after getting done with it we left and had a first halt at Kaudiyala GMVN restaurant and guest house. One could see the various tents put up  on the banks of the river used by the river rafters. After that we stopped at Devprayag to see  the Sangam of the Alaknanada & Bhagirathi river to form the Ganga river. Till Devpryag we had the Ganga river as company. After Devpryag we had the Alaknanda river for company for the entire route. 

After Devpryag we continued further to Srinagar then to Rudraprayag and finally to Gauchar for a refreshment halt. We started Gauchar in double mind of making it for the last Cable Car from Joshimath at 4pm. After some 5 KM through the dirt roads we had a jam.  Getting down and probing a little we realized there was a landslide due to some BRO bombing  activity and the clearing was in progress. Few of us walked down some 1.5KM to the landslide site and saw the on-going activity. We had reach her by 1:30pm spent the entire day figuring out the best possible option and awaiting for the slide to clear. The BRO had blasted the rocks  fallen on the road twice and were clearing the debris slowly, time was running out by 6pm in the evening we realized that the block would not be cleared today and this left us with two options. One was to cross the landslide and continue and another to walk back thorough the jam to Gauchar town and look for accommodation for the night. We had to in either case leave the car there as it was stuck in the jam. We finally decided to cross the landslide and reach as far as possible.  As just 3 of the 9 people had haversacks we took those 3 haversacks and bundled few essentials of the others with us and started to cross the landslide. 


It was nearly 7pm dark the  moon shining bright provided enough light. The BRO were helpful and assisted us in crossing the block. The other side after walking further towards Rudprayag. We found a alone jeep taxi spoke to him and decided to take us to Nandprayag for the night halt.  Reaching Nandprayag most places were full due to a marriage in town. We check the GMVN and as expected the girls found it dirty to stay in. We spoke to few people we knew and decided to either go to Pipalkoti or reach Joshimath. We spoke to the taxi driver and convinced him to make us reach Joshimath. We started the journey. in total darkness. Raju was a great driver we reached Joshimath safe and secure by 11pm. Stayed at a local lodge for the night.


17th Feb'08

Starting early after a hearty breakfast of aloo and gobi parathas at Joshimath we caught the first cable car up to Auli. 

We reach our Hotel Cliff Top by 11am checked-in and spoke to the Ski instructor as we were late for the day we decided to trek up too Tower 10. It was a pretty  simple 1.5KM each way trek. On reaching Tower 10 we had Coffee/Tea & hot spicy maggie. 

We returned back to the hotel sliding down the icy slopes for lunch. In Auli afternoons post 2pm used to get very cold till 7-8pm and then the temp  used to rise slightly till the next morning. 

The rest day we chilled in the hotel itself. 

18th - 19th - 20th Feb'08

Our day used to start by 8am and after breakfast we used to Ski till 3pm then later have lunch and chill the rest of the day in the hotel itself. In the 3 days of training we learn to control the ski, turning left and right. Used the Ski lift once for the final decent on the last day when we came down nearly 1KM. It was tiring for sure. We used to ski down the slope for half a min and then walk back up the slope with our skis for 10mins multiple times a day.

 The last day we had trekked up to RR point where the army has its communication point setup it was a long 3km one way nearly trek thorough at least about 4 feet of snow but was fun.

21st Feb'08

We ensure we got up and caught the first cable car down to Joshimath. All of us were tired and  we left from Joshimath directly to Rishikesh stopping en-route at Srinagar for lunch. We passed the landslide area once again and check on the work done. We reach Rishikesh by 9pm and check-ed in the hotel and slept

22nd Feb'08

We left early morning for Delhi from Rishikesh it was a quick drive back. We reach Delhi by 1pm and caught the flight back home to Mumbai.

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 A awesome trip. :)