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                                                                 Amar Buchade

                                                                                Research Scholar
                                                                                Department of Computer  Engineering,  College of Engineering, Pune

I am working with Prof. R.B.ingle on Distributed system security.

I work in the Computer Networks Laboratory

Academic qualifications:

1. M.E. Computer Engineering,    

    Walchand College of Engineering, Sangli

2. B.E. Computer Engineering

   Walchand College of Engineering, Sangli




Research Issues:

Cloud Computing Issues:

  • Security Issues

  • Data Issues

  • Performance Issues

Conferences:          Submission of manuscript:  15 March 2014
         Notification  :30 May 2014


Cloud Computing Cryptography and Key agreement:

Cloud Computing Cryptography
Cryptography and key agreement



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  • "Steganography: Hiding data within image",Suhas Sapate and Amar Buchade , national conference on "COMMUNICATION & COMPUTATIONAL TECHNIQUES: current and Future trends" organized by DIT,Dehradun In association with TEQIP, World Bank from 5-7 Feb, 2005

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