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Residents concerned over increasing crime

posted Apr 27, 2009, 12:00 AM by Aman Suria Damansara

Wednesday August 13, 2008


SNATCH thefts and petty crimes are the main concerns brought up by the Aman Suria residents during a meeting with the police organised by the Aman Suria Residents Association pro tem committee.

According to the residents, the snatch thieves are becoming very bold, even jeering and laughing at the victims while fleeing.

Many shop houses at the Sunway Conmmercial Centre had also been robbed.

Speaking up: Aman Suria residents at the meeting with the police.

More than 40 residents turned up for the meeting. The panel comprised Petaling Jaya Utara MP Tony Pua, Damansara Utama assemblyman Dr Cheah Wing Yin and ACP Arjuinaidi Mohammad of the Petaling Jaya police district.

According to Arjuinaidi, Aman Suria is one of the safest neighbourhoods in Petaling Jaya but the same cannot be said of its surrounding areas, including the Sunway Mas Commercial Centre and Dataran Prima.

“We have been monitoring the cases in these areas since January this year. Although the crime figures are not very high, it is alarming enough and we are looking at ways to curb the problem,” he said.

Arjunaidi said the police force had introduced a pilot project in Damansara Kim involving community policing.

He said if the project was successful, similar programmes would be implemented in other areas in Petaling Jaya, including Aman Suria.

Other issues raised by the residents are illegal racing, faulty street- lights, accidents due to irresponsible drivers, usage of five-foot ways and CCTV surveillance.

According to the residents, illegal races are taking place at night at the junction of the Baywatch bar and restaurant.

They said vehicles were also driven into Jalan Bukit Mayang Emas.

“It affects us when they race on the trunk road because it is dangerous and noisy,” residents association pro tem chairman Wendy Chan said.

The residents suggested that the police set up roadblocks in the area, especially during weekend nights, to stop the illegal racing.

The problem of faulty streetlights at the trunk road just outside Aman Suria and the haphazard parking situation in the area were also raised.

“Many motorists park indiscriminately and also double park along the road, making it difficult for us to get home,” Chan said.

At a junction going out of Aman Suria, which leads to two turnings, many vehicles are making illegal turns and many accidents occurred as a result.

“I think we just need the police to be more vigilant,” Chan said.

On the Sunway Commercial Centre, the residents complained that shop operators, especially car workshops and restaurants, were taking up the five-foot way, causing inconvenience to pedestrians.

Arjunaidi, meanwhile, announced that the Dataran Prima police station would begin operations as soon as possible as some problems with the contractor and supplier are being sorted out soon.

Aman Suria and its surrounding areas have been depending on mobile police units for patrol and surveillance.

Latern Festival

posted Apr 26, 2009, 8:44 PM by Aman Suria Damansara

Wednesday September 17, 2008

Good turnout at lantern fest


Some 600 residents of Aman Suria savoured mooncakes and admired the moon together at the fourth Lantern Festival celebration, organised by the residents association on Saturday at a field in the neighbourhood.

The residents showed a strong spirit of togetherness, but the harmonious atmosphere was inevitably tinged with political overtones.

PJ Utara MP Tony Pua and Damansara Utama assemblyman Dr Cheah Wing Yin, who made a brief appearance at the celebration, expressed their concern over the detention of three individuals under the Internal Security Act (ISA) the day before.

Food to create the mood: Residents of Aman Suria tucking into a wide array of local favourites at their fourth Lantern Festival celebration.

Aman Suria Residents Association chairman Wendy Chan thanked the 118 familes who attended the event and companies for their overwhelming support. She also thanked Dr Cheah for his sponsorship of RM2,500.

“Every year I’d feel afraid to organise this festival as I tend to worry about the participation as well as complaints from residents.But every year I’d go ahead and organise it anyway, thanks to all the positive feedback. It’s the same this year,” she said.

Eager tots: The little contestants of the Best Dressed and Best Lantern contests with the festival’s organisers.

The celebration continued with a string of activities, including a children’s art competition, magic show and lucky draw.

The Best Dressed, Best Lantern and Best Cooking contests added colour to the occasion. Children were dressed in traditional costumes and fairytale dresses, while showing off their handmade lanterns. A host of prizes sponsored by companies were given away, too.

The event ended at about 11pm with a fun game of tug-of-war.

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