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The French-Canadian immigrant group was geographically separated in North Adams, especially since now they had their own church, behavior, and language. When they initially arrived to North Adams, most of the French settled in an area known as the Beaver. This area was located on Beaver Street near the mills. Other areas they settled in were on Cliff St., Miner St., Union St., East Quincy St., and Holbrook St. Although they settled in these typical areas, ethnic groups didn't have a strict boundary. 

This immigrant group wanted to have their own homes. If this wasn't possible, they wanted to rent a place that they could call home. As soon as a property became available, they took advantage of that. Many, however, lived in mill houses. Mill houses were duplexes that were owned by the mills. As a rent fee, they would pay $1.25 per week. These houses weren't the best, but they had running water, toilet facilities, and shelter.

Today, the French-Canadian community does not exist in North Adams.    

French-Canadians in North Adams, who are farming.

[ Picture is courtesy of North Adams Historical Society, Inc. ]

French-Canadians in a horse buggy strolling through the streets of North Adams.

[ Picture is courtesy of North Adams Historical Society, Inc. ]