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 The French language in the North Adams area have been lost along with their customs. A traditional  French custom was to go to door to door on New Year's Eve. They would wish their friends and neighbors a Le Jour de L'an (New Year's Day). They would give presents on the next day, New Year's. Now, the American custom has been adopted. Gifts are given on Christmas, rather than New Year's. "The French-Americans who held their traditions even into the 1960's are being assimilated at a rapid rate" (Senay 8).

The French impact on North Adams has impacted the city. They helped in employment of the mills, the building of a new church and school, and society. Even though their traditions have died out, their ancestory is shown with pride and hard work.

A typical French-Canadian family gathered around their home in the city of North Adams,



[ Picture is courtesy of North Adams historical Society, Inc. ]