Writing and Presentation Advice

Writing, Presentation, Coding, and Refereeing Advice

Links to great (and brief) writing and presentation advice for economists and social scientists from around the web. Collected here because I kept having to google the various resources to share with my students. Will add as I find things, mostly on twitter. Please inform me of any broken links or incorrect attributions:

Writing papers:

- The Introduction Formula (Keith Head)

- The Conclusion Formula (Marc Bellemare)

- The "Middle Bits" Formula (Marc Bellemare)

- Four Steps to an Applied Micro Paper (Jesse Shapiro)

- Writing Tips for Ph.D. Students (John Cochrane)

- Ten Most Important Rules of Writing your Job Market Paper (Claudia Goldin and Larry Katz)

Making Slides/Giving Presentations

- How to Give an Applied Micro Talk (Jesse Shapiro)

- Public Speaking for Academic Economists (Rachel Meager)

- How to Give a Great Seminar (Alex Tabarrok)

- How to Make Academic Presentations (Berthold Herrendorf)

- The Discussant's Art (Chris Blattman)

- How to be a Great Conference Participants (Art Carden)

- Beamer Tips for Presentations (Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham) [source code]

Coding/File Organization Advice

- Stata Coding Guide (Julian Reif)

- Code and Data for the Social Sciences: A Practitioner's Guide (Matt Gentzkow and Jesse Shapiro)

- Data Science for Economists (Grant McDermott) [Includes slides on version control with git and webscraping info]

Refereeing Advice

- Preparing a Referee Report: Guidelines and Perspectives (Jonathan Berk, Campbell Harvey, and David Hirshleifer)

- 20 Rules for Refereeing (Marc Bellemare)

- Guidelines for Referee Reports (Elisabeth Sadoulet)

- How to Write a Good Referee Report (Tatyana Deryugina)