Writing, Presentation, and Refereeing Advice

Links to great (and brief) writing and presentation advice for economists and social scientists from around the web.  Collected here because I kept having to google the various resources to share with my students. Will add as I find things, mostly on twitter. Please inform me of any broken links or incorrect attributions:

Writing papers:
- The Introduction Formula (Keith Head)
- The Conclusion Formula (Marc Bellemare) 
- The "Middle Bits" Formula (Marc Bellemare)

Making Slides/Giving Presentations
- How to Give a Great Seminar (Alex Tabarrok)
- How to Make Academic Presentations (Berthold Herrendorf)
- The Discussant's Art (Chris Blattman)
- Beamer Tips for Presentations (Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham) [source code]

Refereeing Advice
- Preparing a Referee Report: Guidelines and Perspectives (Jonathan Berk, Campbell Harvey, and David Hirshleifer)
- 20 Rules for Refereeing (Marc Bellemare)
- Guidelines for Referee Reports  (Elisabeth Sadoulet)