Curriculum Vitae





Current Position                                                                                                                                                     

20012 – present          Ph.D. (in progress) - University of Colorado at Boulder, Boulder, CO

                                    Advisor: Dr. Samuel Flaxman

                                    Program: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology



2009 – 2011                M.A. Ecology – University of Colorado at Boulder, Boulder, CO

                                     Advisor: Dr. Samuel Flaxman

Thesis: Testing the Effects of Resource Distribution on Simultaneous Predator and Prey Habitat Selection Using Seven-Spotted Lady Beetles, Pea Aphids, and Tic Bean Plants


2004 – 2007                B.Sc Biology – York College of Pennsylvania, York, PA

                                     Advisor: Dr. Jessica Nolan

Honors Thesis: An Examination of a Diverse Phytoplankton Assemblage; Emphasis on Picophytoplankton Ecology


Research Grants and Funding                                                                                                                             

2013-2014            Beverly Sears Grant

2012 – 2013         National Science Foundation GK-12 Teaching Fellowship, Boulder, CO


Research & Teaching Experience                                                                                                                       

NSF Teaching Fellow, University of Colorado at Boulder, June 2012-May 2013

o   Support enrichment and learning in GK-12 students through hands-on activities and 

     exploration based lectures

Research Assistant, Dr. Sam Flaxman, University of Colorado, August 2009- Present

o   Implemented and performed independent research project (M.S. thesis research) that examined predator-prey interaction across a heterogeneous landscape.

Academic Specialist, University of Colorado at Boulder, January 2012- Present

o   Taught General Biology Co-Seminar in which I created a classroom of belonging and connection among students to both engage and support them as students of diversity.

Research Consultant, University of Colorado at Boulder, January 2012-March 2012

o   Biological consultant under BioServ Space Technologies for International Space Station Science Lab.

Teaching Assistant, Dr. John Basey, University of Colorado at Boulder, August 2009-Present

o   Prepared and instructed laboratory classes: Biology I and II.

Research Assistant, Dr. Karl Kleiner, Ned Smith Center, Millersburg, PA, Fall 2008

o   Capture, Measure, Release Program in examination of Saw-Whet owl migration patterns             over a ten year period with emphasis on cycles in relation to ecological factors.

Laboratory Assistant, Dr. Bruce Smith, York College, January-December 2007

o   Assisted horticulturist in all greenhouse maintenance procedures.

Lecturer, LOGOS Academy, York, PA, August-December 2007

o   Through the Beta Beta Beta, Theta Epsilon Chapter developed educational programs for ~50 inner city middle school students and taught bi-weekly lectures and laboratory classes.

Laboratory Assistant, Ron Waltermyer, York College, August-December 2007

o   Assisted instructor in Anatomy & Physiology I and II.

Laboratory Assistant, Dr. Jessica Nolan, Marine Science Consortium, VA, September 2007

o   Assistant researcher, laboratory assistant and instructor on a four-day research trip to the Marine Science Consortium on Wallops Island, Virginia.

Laboratory Assistant, Dr. Sardari Khanna, York College, June-December 2006, 2007

o   Assisted instructor in Physics I & II.

Student Assistant, Jean Thompson, Forsyth Grade School, Forsyth, IL, August-December 2004

o   Through a Developmental Psychology course, tutored and instructed 5th-8th graders in formal classroom experience for 3-5 hours per week.

Student Assistant, Mary Olmstead, Forsyth Grade School, Forsyth, IL, January-May 2002

o   Peer Advisor course, tutored and instructed 2nd-3rd graders for 1-2 hours per week.

Wildlife Educator, Chuck Rendell & Sarah Reining, Scovill Zoo, Decatur, IL, June -August 2001

o   Educated the public on local and exotic wildlife during presentation both within the zoological gardens as well as in public domains. 


Teaching & Professional Development Workshops                                                                                             

CU Boulder, Graduate teacher program workshops

2011 – Integrating activities into your course to maximize student learning; Active learning, inquiry, & approaches to case study teaching in biology.

2010 – Science interdisciplinary collaboration; Teaching core skills in introductory classes; Teaching science in the 21st century; Teaching as instructor of record and working with your own teaching assistants; What do undergrads want from their teachers?; Discussions: How to get your students talking; Writing a syllabus based on learning goals; Working with the diversity of students in your classrooms; Conflict management in the classroom; Academic advising ideas for graduate teachers; Stress management for graduate students; Taking charge of your own graduate experience.

2009 – Teaching science labs; Bloom’s taxonomy: using questions effectively; Dealing with problems; The CU honor code and ethics in teaching; The tenure process: an overview and personal perspective; Goal setting for academic success; Putting your teaching portfolio together; What’s the difference between an advisor and a graduate mentor?; Graduate and professional student advocacy. 


Teaching Certificates                                                                                                                           

Certificate in College Teaching, Graduate Teacher Program – CU Boulder 

Awarded Fall 2011



General Biology Teaching Award, University of Colorado at Boulder: College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Spring 2010

General Biology Teaching Award, University of Colorado at Boulder: College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Fall 2010


University of Colorado at Boulder Undergraduate Students Mentored                                                      

Sean Flaherty, Summer 2010-Present. Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Quantifying Interference Competition in Coccinellidae septempunctata.  

Kirill Langer, Fall 2011-Present. Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Examination of Elevation Gradient Insect Communities.

Kirill Balatsky, Fall 2011-Present. Department of Biochemistry. Student Research Assistant.

Alex Lickers-Lawson, Fall 2011-Fall 2012. Department of Psychology. Cognition Studies of Arthropod Predators.

Jessica McArthur, Fall 2011-Fall 2012. Department of Integrative Physiology. Student Research Assistant.

Anika Farrin, Fall 2011-Fall 2013. Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Student Research Assistant.

Lauren Parrish, Summer 2010-Spring 2011. The influence of DL-β-aminobutyric acid (BABA) on wing dimorphism in Acyrthosiphon pisum.

Kendall Flanagan, Summer 2010-Spring 2011. Plant Histology of Phloem in Fava Bean Plants (Vicia faba) treated with DL- β -aminobutryic acid.

Peter Hansen, Summer 2010-Spring 2011. Student Research Assistant.

Courtney Hibbs, Summer 2010-Spring 2011. Student Research Assistant. 

Stephanie Atkins, Summer 2010-Spring 2011. Student Research Assistant.


Educational Outreach Activities                                                                                                               

Science Fair Judge, Colorado State Competition. 3rd - 5th grade student competitors from around the state. Spring and Summer 2013.

Judge of SpaceLab Google/YouTube Challenge in which teams from around the world submitted experiments to be performed on the International Space Station. January 2012.

Guest lectured for approximately 350 elementary school students, at the Festival of Science at Jack Swigert Aerospace Academy in Colorado Springs (, about biology, diversity, and astrobiology in order for them to apply that knowledge in a class project as well as to get students interested and knowledgeable about biology. August 2010 and 2011. 

Co-organized a graduate student symposium on evolution outreach for local area science teachers, August 6th, 2011.

Judged biological sciences and veterinary science projects for the 4-H Boulder County Fair, July 30th, 2011.

Co-organized Mars Desert Research Challenge at the Mars Desert Research Station for approximately 1000 university students. Science mission challenge advisor and judge for competition. June 1st – 5th, 2011.

Co-organized a graduate student symposium on biodiversity at the CU Boulder Museum of Natural History. Feb. 16th, 2011.

Organized a graduate student symposium on evolution at the CU Boulder Museum of Natural History. Feb. 18th, 2010.



Williams, A.C. and Flaxman, S.M. April 2012. Can predators assess the quality of their prey’s resource? Journal of Animal Behaviour. doi:

Williams, A.C. and Flaxman, S.M. September 2013. Journal of Animal Behaviour. Quantitative Tests of Ideal Free Distribution Theory. 


Talks, Posters, and Presentations                                                                                                                     

Williams, A.C. Quantitative Test of Ideal Free Distribution. Animal Behaviour Society Meeting. Boulder, CO. July 2013. 

Williams, A.C. Graduate School, Masters Research and Beyond. Invited Speaker at York College of Pennsylvania. Clark Lecture Series. York, PA. October 2012.

Williams, A.C. and Flaxman, S.M. Can predators assess the quality of their prey’s resource? Joint Meeting of International Ethological Society and Animal Behaviour. Bloomington, IN. July 2011.

Williams, A.C. Movement and Habitat Choice Mechanisms of Tritrophic Systems, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Spring Symposium, Boulder, CO, April 2011.

Williams, A.C. The Examination of a Diverse Phytoplankton Assemblage, with Emphasis on Picophytoplankton Pennsylvania Academy of Science, Harrisburg, PA, April 2008.

Williams, A.C., Lau, G.E., and Doyle, B.E. Costa Rica: Cloud Forests, Amphibian Decline, and Ecotourism. Clark Lecture Series Presentation, York College, York, PA, April 2007.


Professional Service                                                                                                                                             

Evolution Outreach Committee, Fall 2009–Present – CU Boulder

Graduate Symposium Committee, Spring 2010 – CU Boulder


Scholastic Associations                                                                                                                                       

University of Colorado Boulder Astrobiology Society

            Vice President 2010-2012

Beta Beta Beta, Theta Epsilon Chapter (National Biological Honors Society)

            Member since Fall 2007

LOGOS Academy, Student Experience Group

            Member since Fall 2007


Work Experience                                                                                                                                                    

Humane Society of Boulder Valley, Boulder, CO, January 2012 – May 2012

            Development Specialist

BioServ Space Technologies, Boulder, CO, January 2012 – March 2012

            Biological Research Consultant

University of Colorado, Boulder, CO, August 2009 – Present

            Researcher; General Biology Instructor

Mid-Atlantic Waterproofing, York, PA, March 2007 – July 2009

            Office Administrator

Red Lion Karate, Red Lion, PA, June 2006 – July 2009

            Instructor; Youth Program Director

Big Apple Bagels, York, PA, August 2007– July 2009          

Assistant Manager; Public Relations & Advertising Director

York College of Pennsylvania, York, PA, November 2006 – December 2007

            Student Assistant; Greenhouse Caretaker    

Yorkshire Animal Hospital, York, PA, August 2005 – August 2007

            Veterinary Assistant, Receptionist

Panera Bread, Decatur, IL, January 2002 – April 2004

            Trainer; Shift Supervisor

Northgate Pet Clinic, Decatur, IL, January 2002 – July 2005

            Veterinary Assistant, Receptionist