Past CU Boulder Courses Taught:
  • General Biology 1
  • General Biology 2
  • Biology 1 CoSeminar
  • Biology 2 CoSeminar

Teaching Philosophy:

Teaching science, especially biological science, is a passion of mine. I find the possibility of combining my strong educational foundation and practical teaching experience into an interdisciplinary educational program to be the most rewarding avenue with which to commit myself. As such I will be able to better contribute to not only the future of education but also to my community through student education. Now that I have become a teacher I fully understand the strength and passion educators must have for their students, their courses, and the community. Many aspire to become educators, yet few realize the challenges of the field. I acknowledge that hard work and occasional frustrations are part of the career. This is the reality of the education field, and it is essential to recognize the passion and dedication that must accompany a teacher through all stages of one's education and career. I am committed to being an educator in the sciences field and advancing a greater understanding of the natural world, scientific investigations, and pursuit of knowledge.

My students have frequently told me that my enthusiasm and obvious enjoyment of my subject matter has helped in their understanding and willingness to learn. As an instructor I have worked to pass on the love of knowledge through open communication in the classroom allowing students the equal opportunity to learn and discover. I work with closely with my students willing them to discover the enjoyment of scientific endeavors rather than participating strictly for a grade. My overarching goal as an educator is to promote inquisitive and rational students, which apply lessons learned to a wider variety of circumstances. This development of skills can be easily fostered in the right teaching environment simply by utilizing all the resources available to the educator including experience, technology, and creativity. In learning simple tasks such as taking notes, reading scholarly articles, learning to work independently as well as with a group, and applying knowledge learned students can become rational thinking adults with respect and a keen eye to their environment.

Creating a solid foundation with lower-level general education classes, especially in the sciences, is key to promoting future learning in upper-level classes. In order to promote a higher level of learning for these classes students much be actively engaged and willing to learn. Engaging modern day students can present a challenge in this world of technology, keeping apprised of technological advancements and utilizing such tactics in teaching allows for greater student engagement. Real life relevant examples of how science impacts students and their future give a broader range of effectively engrossing students into scientific topics. 



NSF Teaching Fellow, University of Colorado at Boulder, June 2012-May 2013

o   Support enrichment and learning in GK-12 students through hands-on activities and exploration based lectures

Research Assistant, Dr. Sam Flaxman, University of Colorado, August 2009- Present

o   Implemented and performed independent research project (M.S. thesis research) that examined predator-prey interaction across a heterogeneous landscape.

Academic Specialist, University of Colorado at Boulder, January 2012- Present

o   Taught General Biology Co-Seminar in which I created a classroom of belonging and connection among students to both engage and support them as students of diversity.

Research Consultant, University of Colorado at Boulder, January 2012-March 2012

o   Biological consultant under BioServ Space Technologies for International Space Station Science Lab.

Teaching Assistant, Dr. John Basey, University of Colorado at Boulder, August 2009-Present

o   Prepared and instructed laboratory classes: Biology I and II.

Research Assistant, Dr. Karl Kleiner, Ned Smith Center, Millersburg, PA, Fall 2008

o   Capture, Measure, Release Program in examination of Saw-Whet owl migration patterns over a ten year period with emphasis on cycles in relation to ecological factors.

Laboratory Assistant, Dr. Bruce Smith, York College, January-December 2007

o   Assisted horticulturist in all greenhouse maintenance procedures.