Welcome to my website!  My name is Amanda Traud and I am currently a fourth year Biomathematics PhD student at NC State University, defending early summer 2014. My co-advisors are Dr. Alun Lloyd in Mathematics and Dr. Rob Dunn in Biology. I have an MS in Applied Mathematics and a BS in Applied Mathematics from UNC.  Here is my resume!  You can check me out on Twitter @altraud or on Facebook.

Announcement (06/13/2014): "Key players and hierarchical structure of prairie dog social networks" officially accepted to Ecological Complexity!  I will add a link to the article and the press release soon!

Announcement (02/05/2013): Recent blog post on YourWildLife.org all about yours truly!  

Announcement (11/9/2012): Recent blog post in Scientific American about a project I am helping with!  (Update: It was picked up by the Huffington Post.)

Announcement (5/1/2012): I recently had an article published in Physica A, check out my news release: http://news.ncsu.edu/releases/wms-traud-facebook/

Announcement(09/10/2011): I recently had an article appear in SIAM Review, and a picture from that article is on the cover!

SIAM Review Cover