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 Gain Attention

Youtube Video “What Were They Thinking”


Ask the class how often for creative projects do they wish there was a way to share what they were thinking.  

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  5 min. 

 Inform Learners of Objectives

Present the Big Questions of the day:

 - What is Screencasting?

 - What is it good for?

 - How do I use it?

Present the SWBATs (Student Will Be Able To):

 - Use Jing

 - Use Screentoaster

 - Produce a Screencast 

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   3 min.
 Present Materials Discussion of What is Screencasting, the advantages of screencasting, and all of the different tools that can be used to screencast.  

During discussion, challenge students to come up with other ways to use screencasting for an instructional purpose. 

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 5 min.
 Illicit PerformanceStep by step walk the students through how to use the screencasting software.  

Step 1: Putting together the word document that will be casted.

Step 2:  Use Jing to annotate the image (Show the video from screentoaster about how to annotate the image using Jing as a way of reinforcing the explanation)
 - Take a couple minutes and share the annotated images.  Let the students walk around and peak at the other students' laptops. 

Step 3: Use Screentoaster to explain each of the images.  (Show the shockwave flash video of how to use screentoaster after explaining it so that the class sees the explination twice)
 - Have the students e-mail the links to their screentoaster screencasts to the facilitator, and share them on the big screen. 

Student Examples:
http://www.screentoaster.com/watch/stUE9WRE1ARFtXR1heWVhaX19T/ some_of_jen_s_favorite_things

http://www.screentoaster.com/watch/ stUE9WRE1ORFtXR1heWVtdXlJW/curtis_b

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 12 min.

 20 min.

 25 min.  
 Provide Feedback During the work time, float around the classroom and be accessible for questions.  Provide Feedback.  

 Assess PerformanceAllow the students to discuss possible strengths and weaknesses of each others videos as they are being shared.  Also, as the facilitator comment on each of the videos.  

 20 min. 

10 min. 
 Enhance Retention and Transfer Have the students use the 3 steps described above to do a project on their own.  By having students construct their own project with less leadership, they are more likely to retain the information.  

Student Examples:

http://www.screentoaster.com/watch/ stUE9WRURNRFtXR1heXV9dX1VV/culture

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Think-Pair-Share about advantages and disadvantages.   Each student should think individually about advantages and disadvantages, then discuss them with another person at your table, then share in a  whole class discussion. 

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Share the final videos.  Once again, provide feedback and encourage the students to provide feedback for one another. 

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 30 min.

10 min. 

15 min. 

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