One Shot- The story

Jonny breathed deeply before running again, he could still hear the repeated footsteps; getting louder and louder, or closer and closer. In the distance he could see the gate, his only way out of the field, although it was so far away.  The something chasing him had finally caught up. Falling to the ground, he closed his eyes.

    Jonny awoke in his bedroom, the darkness from outside had leaked into his room, leaving it as black as his cat. He switched on the lamp next to his bed. After a few minutes of stretching and rubbing his  brown eyes, the boy left the room for a drink, leaving the door open.

  He came back into the room, Jonny noticed that the temperature had dropped, his window was wide open, the curtains were flapping franticly like bird's wings. Though he was too tired to think about it.

     The following morning, Jonny went to the place last nights dream had taken place, he had been there many times before, but it had changed. There was no life. Not a single person in sight. It was just empty, he was alone. He felt the wind softly brush his cheek, it howled and echoed, the sound kept ringing in his ear, it was as if a voice was trying to talk to him, but he couldn't make out what. A few meters ahead, he could see a moving silhouette, it looked human, but he wasn't certain. He ran as fast as he could towards it, then he stopped. About half way from his destination, he realised that the moving thing was a tall, hunch-backed creature. It raised it's hairy arm high in the air, it seemed to be holding some sort of pole. Jonny raced the opposite direction as the monster. He was lucky to get away.

        Instead of going home, he ran straight to his friends house. Harold's mum answered the door, she had a deep and croaky voice; like a man, she was quite short and her  hair was dark. Her floury apron looked as if it had never been washed.

"Harold, your friend's here!" he heard footsteps charging down stairs. Surprisingly, Harold was a tidy boy. His hair looked like he'd  combed and washed every strand singly. 

          They headed straight back to the field. By the time they got there it was dark. The chalky moon set upon the watery sky, leaving the contents of the muddy pit black. They looked around, they were alone, the wind howled as the two boys ran towards an abandoned turn table, it was once used by trains many, many years ago. Suddenly, a huge flock of birds flew from the trees, followed by an unexpected scream. What would two twelve year old boys do in a darkened field? They then heard a loud bang and ran for their lives, but which way? It seemed as if everything had changed, like they were in some sort of  black room. They ran. The only way was forward for them. Harold rushed ahead, leaving Jonny alone in the dark and empty field... BANG! He immediately fell to the floor.

                 Pain rushed through his body like a lightening strike, as quick as a flash. He kneeled upon the muddy ground, he could not move at all. It was at that moment that the rusting turn table started moving, but no-one was pushing it. He had to get out of the way, but how? Soon it would be too late, what was that? He had found some sort of wire, all the boy had to do was pull it to get out the way! So that's what he did. He could only just stand and walk, he found he had been shot in the leg.

      When he got home, he hid wound from his mum, he did not want her to find out. The boy rushed upstairs with not a word to her.

      Saturday, the day of Billy's birthday party, by five thirty, everyone was there. The whole hall shook with the loud, modern music, Jonny stood in one of the shadowy corners, staring at the eleven year children playing with balloons- enjoying themselves, together. He leaned back and crouched down against the pale yellow wall, then they all faded away. Slowly, the colours mixed and wobbled like jelly before finally they were gone. The same happened to the noise, he felt lucky for it to go.

          He awoke, there was no blur, in fact, a beautiful burnt orange sky lay before him, apple green grass swayed gently in the breeze, daisies of pure white grew towards the blazing hot sun. He stood upon his two feet and looked around, the first thing he saw was an amazing view, sky scrapers taller then the Empire State building, this was like no place on earth. He could not believe his eyes. What was going on? Where was he?  Where ever he was, he had to get home, somehow. There had to be some sort of sign to indicate where he was, and there it was, over there. He ran towards a sign, it read;

"SALBERDALE JONNY, YOU ARE IN SALBERDALE, FOLLOW THE SHOT. SIGNED YOUR ONLY WAY OUT."  Jonny stood there, confused. His name was right there, but that wasn't what really got him,

 how could he follow a shot? 

           For a few minutes, he stared at the post, before walking towards the big city. As the night fell, so did the temperature, he wrapped his skinny arms around his body, hoping to warm up. He gained speed, maybe it would have worked, if he wasn't interrupted by footsteps. He stopped. They continued. Reluctantly, he turned around, a dark pit glared angrily, something was approaching. Jonny spun round.  Blood-red eyes stared piercing the shadows. His heart raced. It was gone, as if nothing had happened. He brushed his silky brown hair back, the calm breeze helped. Nothing could have been real. It was all too much for him. He thought to himself, "There's no chance I will get out alive, or half alive!" As time passed, he wondered through the unfamiliar streets alone. He needed a place to sleep, but what he had seen and heard, nowhere was safe. On the street-corner was an old looking building, abandoned. Jonny wasn't scared!

         Inside, the summer-sky blue wallpaper was peeling and slowly rotting. Spiders hung luminously from their tangled cob webs. Every step he took came a crumbling sound from under his feet. Glass and old plastic pieces felt the pain of his black trainers walking over them. Something trickled slowly down the wall, thick and red like paint, though Jonny dread to think, it wasn't paint. Words spelt out in pure blood were pasted on the wall, beneath it all, laying on the rusty floor was the body of a man. Somehow, a massive hole had been forced out of his head... along with his blood soaked brain. The thing written on the wall didn't matter, he had to get out. Jonny ran to the door, pulled down the handle and... it didn't come down. He was locked in a strange house probably millions of miles from home. He tried to scream, but nothing came out. Suddenly, the sound of footsteps emerged from silence. He was too scared to move. 

        Through the light, Jonny could see two people, as still and as silent as possible, he listened to their conversation.

"Is he in here? He better be!" one man said in a deep voice.

"No, we'll set it out tonight, it's bound to find him, never a dout."  A torch was lit, and the men searched the room, he held his breath, "Aha! Found it, lets go!" 

What did they have? What was it? The boy ran to the door, escaped as soon as possible, but the men were nowhere to be seen. He looked everywhere, left and right, up and down. A harsh wind lashed at his pale face, the air was cold. The sky was dark. "CRASH!" Suddenly there was a sound of a metal bin crashing to the ground, a dog howled and an owl hooted. He started to run, there had to be a way out of this place... which way?

Both directions were endless, that's how they looked! Dark and endless, the only places available were street corner shops and rusty bins. there was no time to sleep now. If the two men were looking for him then he had to stay awake, he wasn't very sleepy any way. But that wouldn't last long. Ahead of him was a little alley, thats the way he took. People-like shadows loomed over him, as did the full moon... as if to be staring at him.  Jonny looked ahead, too frightened to turn around, he crouched down. It was the two men...

"Hold it still! Ow, Carmen watch where you put those feet of yours."

"Shhhhh Donavan! What was that?" Carmen whispered, looking towards the darkness.

"What was what? Come on, just hurry up!"  The other appeared to be called Donavan.

The sound of their footsteps faded into silence... Jonny knew exactly what they had.

                  He awoke, finding himself in a small bush, it was morning at last. There was no-one, not a single person, although there were many houses. He blinked many times before his brown eyes adjusted to the sudden burst of light, birds tweeted happily, the weather was fine; so where was everyone? He strode up to a lamp post, a few small signs were suck on there: "Have you seen this girl?  Jessica Marie. Blonde with blue eyes, last seen 6th Of February 2015" There was another below it, but instead it was a missing man, but underneath all of them was a note addressed to him. It read; "Don't turn around Jonny, wait before you turn around, if you turn around it will get you, and you will be no more. Don't look behind..." He breathed deeply, his heart was jumping in his chest, but not only he was breathing in this way. The young boy quickly looked behind, turning his whole body, but nothing was there, it was just something to make him scared... although the deeper breathing was joined with heavy footsteps. As quick as a flash, something leaped upon him, a hairy arm swung itself round his neck, forcing him to the ground. For half of his life, he had done a lot of sports clubs, but his favourite was defiantly Judo- for six years he had trained, and now had the black belt. With a mighty swing of his leg, the strange creature felt the power of a speeding 'Killer Kick'. It tried to grab his leg, but quickly he got away, without his left shoe. Not seeming very bothered about having only one shoe, he ran as fast as his legs could carry him.

           Before long he was out of breath, he leant against a brick wall that was covered from the bottom to top with graffiti. But the words written on it were not just vandalism, it was the same thing as the words written in blood...  "One shot, follow the shot." Jonny asked himself the same question as he had with notice board, how are you supposed to follow a shot? He got up. Was he going the right way? It was impossible to know, how was he going to get out? Was he dreaming... in the far distance was rising smoke. Was there a fire, camp or wild? In a city? Probably just a chimney, it didn't matter to him! Walking on, the child could see a couple of people; talking. It was Carmen and Donavan! He ducked quickly. They looked toward him,  he closed his eyes. Carmen reached down and pulled out a small, black pistol; it was loaded. Reaching out his arm, he pointed it at Jonny, Suddenly, the trigger had been pulled. Jonny shut his eyes, tightly. Something then leaped upon him, forcing him to the left. The bullet rushed past him, only just missing. He felt dizzy. When he had got up and swept himself with his hands, he was alone. Not a soul in sight. He could have been dreaming, dreaming all this? Impossible. Jonny punched himself in the stomach just to check.
"Owwwwwwww!" He howled loudly, he wasn't  dreaming.