A Crash Course in Making Second Life Sculpties With Blender


Step 1 - Download Blender

Download Blender from the official web site: http://www.blender.org/ 

Step 2 - Start With a Template

Download and open this Blender file, which has been set up for sculptie creation: SculptieTemplate.blend 

Step 3 - Shape Your Sculptie

The template initially has a cylindrical mesh. The idea is to shape this mesh into whatever object you want to create. The following rules need to be observed for the sculptie to render correctly in Second Life:

    • Vertices can be moved, but must not be deleted. New vertices must not be added.
    • The vertices at the top and bottom will be automatically closed together in Second Life, even if you leave them open. It's best to bring them close together so that when this happens, it happens in a predictable way.

To move your camera in Blender, use the following controls:

    • Rotate your view by holding the Middle Mouse Button (usually the mouse wheel) and moving the mouse.
    • Zoom your view using the Mouse Wheel.
    • Pan your view by holding down Shift along with the Middle Mouse Button and moving the mouse.

To shape your sculptie, use the following controls:

    • Toggle between Object Mode and Edit Mode by pressing Tab. Object Mode shows only object outlines, while Edit Mode shows all the vertices and interconnecting edges of the mesh. In Edit Mode, you will be able to move the individual vertices of the mesh around; this is what we're interested in for sculpties.
    • Select/deselect vertices by clicking on them using the Right Mouse Button. Selected vertices are yellow, while unselected ones are pink. Hold Shift to select multiple vertices. Press A to select or deselect all vertices.
    • Move selected vertices by pressing G (Grab) and moving the mouse. Left Click to place them, or Right Click to cancel the movement.
    • Rotate selected vertices by pressing R and moving the mouse. Left Click to place them, or Right Click to cancel the rotation.
    • Scale selected vertices by pressing S and moving the mouse. Left Click to place them, or Right Click to cancel the scaling.

Step 4 - Bake Your Sculptie

Once shaped, click the Bake button. You should see your rainbow sculptie image get rendered to the window on the right. Save this image by clicking Image -> Save underneath it and giving it a name. The image will be saved as a PNG file.

Step 5 - Upload Your Sculptie

Inside Second Life, choose File -> Upload Image and select the sculptie image you just saved. You can preview the sculptie before uploading by selecting Sculpted Prim in the preview window which opens, but note that the preview is at a lower level of detail and will not be 100% accurate.

Step 6 - Create Your Sculptie

Create a new prim and set its type to Sculpted. Then choose your newly uploaded texture as the Sculpt Texture.