Comp for Ballet 1

"The Buggy"
This piece of movement was a combination of a couple different exercises in which we were told to move through space with specific directions such as curved, linear, plie, tendue, etc... It also includes movements from the "chair routine" in which we were told to move and react to one another with the use of chairs.  After some editing, this is what those movements became.

"The Devito Dance"
This combination of movements was derived from an exercise in which we were given four directions (over curve, flick, push back, hang) and told to create movements based off those directions.  Other factors included in the exercise were level changes and directional shifts.

"The Lili Pad"
This exercise was similar to the "Devito Dance" in which we were given directions and told to move accordingly.  The words used in this segment were reaching, turning off balance, balance, extend, arms and legs switch, to the floor, roll something, and extend.

(I don't really know why we called this one Rapunzel but maybe it's just up to the interpretation of the viewer.)  This movement was merely the combination of the "Devito" and the "Lili" in which we cut, copy, and pasted the movements together in some form or fashion.