My name is Amanda Potts, and I am a first year ballet major at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts.  I have been training in ballet for almost 11 years now, and I absolutely love it.  When I was young, I attempted gymnastics but did not find the same connection that I did with dance.  Movement came very naturally for me, and dancing quickly became more than just a simple hobby; it became a potential career choice.  It is for this reason that I chose to come to UNCSA.  I knew the training and connections would be exactly what I needed to succeed in the dance world.
    Outside of ballet, I enjoy other forms of art like sketching or singing.  I also don't fit the "fragile ballerina" stereotype.  I love to watch and play sports, and I especially enjoy being outdoors (i.e. rock climbing, fishing, boating, etc...).  Family is also a big factor in my life and I am lucky enough to have been blessed with an extremely supportive one.  Other important factors in my life include my friends as well as my relationship with God.  I am a Christian and I hope to one day be able to travel to different cities on missions.

10 Things That Concern Me About Today's World:

1.  The ever-growing threats of terrorism.
2.  China's rapid economic growth over the last decade (will they be the next superior nation?).
3.  Legalization of abortion.  (No matter how you see it, it's murder.  Period.)
4.  How about America's rapidly growing debt??
5.  The slow disappearance of art in public schools as well as the decline in funds for the arts.
6.  The lack of determination in my generation and the generations below me (It's like kids just have no drive for anything anymore).
7.  The manipulation of politics and government as well as the gradual movement away from our founding principles.
8.  The acceptance/tolerance of immodest clothing and behavior.
9.  The increasing focus on the material world (how much you have, how you look, always wanting the next best thing, etc...).
10. (Most importantly in my mind) The emphasis put on the "religion" rather than the "relationship" one has with God (i.e. the importance of good works rather than faith).