Research from the group was featured in the journal "International Innovation" (article below).
A few other pics from our summer 2012 group "photo shoot" (thanks Dave C. for being our cameraman!):
We felt the "pray for us" was quite appropriate...(July 2012)
Our effort to poke fun at every high school senior portrait ever taken...(July 2012)
Jeremy, front and center! (July 2012)
 Hanging out with the statues...(July 2012)
Our research group is featured in a new Villanova ad campaign. (January 2012)
An "alternative" group pic ... don't mess with us! (Summer 2011)
Alternative group pic 2:  aren't we a happy bunch? :) (Summer 2011)
Barrow, Alaska Fieldwork Pics/Video
Introduction to Photochemistry
Analysis of Ice Cores: Where do we get them?