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Chemistry (E)

Due Date Revision

Because I missed so much school the week before spring break, I'm postponing the deadlines on EVERYTHING that was due tomorrow.  That's the Rock Candy assignment as well as the lab notebook and report.  We'll talk tomorrow about what the new due dates will be.  Hope you enjoyed your break, and see you tomorrow!

Midterm exams in just a few weeks!

Your exam review assignment is to take the midterm study guide (print a new copy from the Useful Files page if you've lost yours!) and write one exam question for each topic on the list.  (Yes, that's going to be 59 questions!)  The questions can be free response or multiple choice (no more than a few true/false questions).  You'll need to turn in the questions and the answers! the day of your final exam.  This assignment is designed to help you study for the midterm and will be worth 200 points

Week 4: September 3 - September 6


Sign up for your Turnitin.com account by going to the website.  You'll need the class code below - BE SURE TO SIGN UP FOR THE CORRECT SECTION!

        6th hour        Class ID    6911523                Password    Lawrence
        7th hour        Class ID    6911537                Password    Lawrence
        8th hour        Class ID    6911545                Password    Lawrence   

--> Submit a test page by Wednesday, September 5th at 8:30am.  The name of the file you submit should be your first and last name and the only text in the file should be the phrase "Turnitin.com test"

--> Submit your first lab report (on the density lab) by Monday, September 9th at 8:30am.  Be sure to check your report against the lab report instructions (which are available at the bottom of this page if you've lost your copy) before you submit it.  Don't miss easy points!  Your lab notebook is also due on Monday at the start of your class.

Welcome to Chemistry!  This website is designed to help you succeed in your chemistry
class this semester.  You'll find the calendar which includes your assignments and printable
versions of most of the handouts from class.  


Amanda Lawrence,
Sep 3, 2013, 7:28 AM