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About Me


                    BS - Rhodes College, Memphis, TN
                                Major in Chemistry, Minor in Physics
                    MS - UIUC, Urbana, IL
                                Masters' in Chemistry with an emphasis on teaching
                                18 additional hours of graduate level chemistry courses
                    Alternate Certification - Centenary College

Teaching Experience:

                    LSUS - 2004-2009
                                General Chemistry Lecture and Lab
                                Organic Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry
                                Physical Science, Chemical Literature
                    Southwood High School - 2009-2010
                                Chemistry I, Chemistry II
                    Caddo Magnet High School - 2010-present
                                Chemistry, Physics

Additional Experience:

                    LSUS - 2007-2009
                                Laboratory Manager
                    American Chemical Society 1998-present


                    I have two children, one girl and one boy.  Neither one is a science teacher (yet!).

                    I love science and I love to teach.  Teaching science is pretty much my perfect job.

                    When I'm not doing chemistry I love to cook, walk, crochet, knit and travel.


                    You can find me on campus several times.  My planning hours are fourth and eighth blocks (2-3:30pm).  I'm usually at school by 7:45am
                            in the morning, and I'm also available after school by appointment. 

                    The best way to reach me is probably by e-mail:  ablawrence@caddo.k12.la.us