Radio Advertisements

I spent two years working for Cumulus Broadcasting. During my time there, I wrote a hundred or more commercial scripts.  A few examples of the finished product, produced in the market's dedicated recording studio, as well as sample scripts are available below.  Additional audio files and scripts are available upon request.

Audio Files


This company prefers a fairly basic, sixty second monologue format, which is simple, clear, and serious.

B & B Jewelers

This company wanted a spot with relevance all year round, humor, and an ending tag to promote their jewelry repair service.

Party City

This company wanted a fun, child friendly commercial to promote their annual Halloween sale.

Fireworks Outlet

This company has a tradition of using spoofs of the latest summer blockbuster in their Independence Day commercials.  It was produced in 2005, and is a Batman spoof due to the release of Batman Begins.  The 1960s television show was used for the basis to avoid copyright infringement.


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