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Mountain Ice Cream Freezers

mountain ice cream freezers
    ice cream
  • frozen dessert containing cream and sugar and flavoring
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  • (freezer) deep-freeze: electric refrigerator (trade name Deepfreeze) in which food is frozen and stored for long periods of time
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mountain ice cream freezers - White Mountain
White Mountain F64304-X 4-Quart Hand-Crank Ice Cream Freezer
White Mountain F64304-X 4-Quart Hand-Crank Ice Cream Freezer
Triple motion action dasher system with 3-gear drive. Tub finished with 3 coats of sealer, stain, and laquer, of 3/4" thick select New England pine, bound with galvanized hoops, and fitted with electro-less nickel plated fixture for durability. Heavy-dutystainless steel can in tall profile for faster freezing. Dasher of heavy-duty cast iron electro-less nickel plated will never warp out of shape. Norwegian Beechwood blades self-adjusting for thorough scraping inside can.

For a century and a half, since a woman in New York invented the hand-crank freezer, making ice cream has been an American family value. Mom blended the ice cream mixture; Dad filled the maker's wooden tub with ice and rock salt to achieve the below-freezing temperature needed to produce smooth confections; kids clamored to turn the crank; and everyone happily consumed big bowls of ice cream as a reward. This family-bonding activity remains as vibrant today as it was through a century-and-a-half of "progress." With various ice cream, frozen yogurt, and sherbet recipes included, this old-fashioned White Mountain ice cream maker maintains the tradition. Only the use of modern stainless steel for the freezer can and dasher distinguishes this rugged maker from the one earlier generations enjoyed. And years from now it will still be used, knitting together a family's history. --Fred Brack

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Sunset of July
Sunset of July
Another tag :) Ten Facts About Me: 1. I was going to be a Savannah instead of a Natalie. Thank you mom :) 2. I absolutely love Teen Mom. And I absolutely cannot stand Jennelle. 3. My favorite body feature is my eyes. Although in a year from now that will change. 4. I have a very difficult time trusting people from events from my past. Unfortunately it has ruined a few relationships. 5. I own a kindle and spend a lot of my time reading. I've read 29 books since Christmas. 6. I love photography. It makes me happy. I love capturing the beauty of the world and expressing myself through photograph. I hope to become very good with what I do. 7. I feel as if harldy anyone knows the real me. I'm just this person in a shell wanting to show the world what a truely amazing person I am. 8. I hate it when people are upset with me. This has caused me to be a HUGE pain in the butt because I cannot walk away from tension. There's a part of me that needs it fixed before I can move onto something else. 9. I feel as if I'm very blessed with my job. You will not believe the type of people I meet everyday and how each one of them inspire me on some form of level. Including those who are completely tanked because of some drug overdose. It just reminds me of my values and where I stand and what I will never do. 10. I'm a germaphobe. For example when I take something out to the freezer I have to wash my hands because the ice made my hand wet. Or when I get out of the shower I open doors with my feet and flush the toilet with a towel. Ten More Facts: 11. I'm often nostalgic 12. I'm a nerd deep down. 13. I hate watching tv shows I've already seen 14. The smell of green jolley ranchers gives me headaches. 15. I've played the piano for 14 years and I still suck 16. I wish my name was Samantha 17. I like getting up and going for a drive. I don't like the gas price though 18. I sleep upside down on my bed without sheets and the fan always has to be on. it doens't matter if its 50 degrees. 19. I was a loner in high school. If you knew me now you wouldn't think that 20. I treat my car like its a person. Her name is Maizy and she has a personality disorder just like my 1991 camery Tamera. Tamera had a smoking habit. Ten MORE Facts 21. I wish I could be done with these facts.. I can't think 22. My favorite ice cream is baskin robbins dark chocolate 23. I believe you never quit loving your first love 24. I have a clothes addiction 25. I'm a lap band patient 26. I've had a brain tumor 27. I secretly love scary movies 28. I'm going to Italy in the next 2ish years sometime after I graduate 29. I'm going to school for nursing while minoring in psychology 30. I only have one best friend who isn't really my best friend anymore but she's still my best friend. Make sense? Five Thoughts: 1. Super glad to get a new cord for my camera cuz I sent mine through the washer and my card readers kept frying my memory cards 2. Really want to start my photography business 3. I miss him. 4. My birthday is Saturday... well technically in 24 hours minus 6 hours and fourty minutes. 5. Bear lake is in 3 weeks Five Places I Want To Visit: 1. Australia 2. Italy 3. New York 4. France 5. England 1. What's the last movie you watched? Harry potter 7.2 on the 15th 2. What's your favorite noise? The sounds of bear lake north beach 3. Do you like some kind of light on when you go to bed, or just darkness? Complete darkness except my charger lights on my laptop and phone 4. What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten? cat food. I was 2 5. What's something you really want right now but don't need? hahaha funnnny inside joke,, seriously hmmm... to get my hair cut and colored and a feather extension 6. What's your hair look like right now? super curly, redish brown in a ponytail with my bangs pinned back 7. Have you seen waldo? If so what the heck man! I know right?
29:365 - Cures for Platymapus-itis
29:365 - Cures for Platymapus-itis
Ox: Of course! Since the platypus lives in Australia where the climate is much warmer than here, it’s only logical that we freeze the platypus-itis out of Jeero. Peaco: You sures about this, Ox? Ox: It’s the only logical cure, Peaco. If it doesn’t work I better get crackin’ on finding some vegemite and learning the words to Waltzing Matilda because I think compact upright freezers recommendation could be spot on… Jeero: Ooooooooooo…I gots them brain freezers, Ox!! Ooooooooo….ice screamers! Ooooooo…my brains frozened! Ooooooooooo…ice screamers! Ooooooooooo….my brains!!!! [Medical disclaimer: The information and advice administered by Ox is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, as the physiology of humans and uglys differ greatly.]

mountain ice cream freezers
mountain ice cream freezers
Scoop: 125 Specialty Ice Creams from the Nation's Best Creameries
Summertime's here, and 'tis the season for making ice cream at home for parties, backyard barbecues, and beach getaways. A guide to more than two dozen of the nation's best artisan dairies, Scoop takes you on a colorful tour with photos, stories, and histories of these mom-and-pop shops.
Author Ellen Brown has reinterpreted classic frozen recipes for the home cook, each fitted to the most popular ice cream freezers on the market. Explore the nation's favorite ice cream shops with a plethora of delectable photographs and 150 recipes--featuring ice cream, gelato, sorbet, and more. This is the must-have guide for the at-home ice cream connoisseur.