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Dishwasher Butcher Block Top

dishwasher butcher block top
    butcher block
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The kitchen, my glory! It's open to the eating/living area. Actually, except for the pantry (which you can see Sabine walking into at the left) and the half-bath, this whole floor is one big space. The kitchen is at the opposite end from the glass doors and picture window, and the fireplace is to the right of this picture. I've got a gas range, a big fridge, a dishwasher, plenty of cabinets, and a big pantry! Yay, real kitchen. I'll be getting a rolling island, too, since the one thing I could wish for more of is counter space. Butcher block top, maybe.
Welcome the island! (8-22)
Welcome the island!  (8-22)
This is not an IKEA product. It (like the sink support) was custom-made, by the brother-in-law of the tile guy. The lovely butcher block top will be cut into to install a sink. The dishwasher will be on the left. And the pine cabinet will be stained a "pickled blue." (Don't say "Yuchh" yet--it will fit in with the breakfast nook coloring.) Please note here also the oak flooring with its one coat of whatever.

dishwasher butcher block top
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