Frigidaire Refrigerators Ice Maker Problems : True Freezer Gdm 49f.

Frigidaire Refrigerators Ice Maker Problems

frigidaire refrigerators ice maker problems
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241627701 broken Ice Maker cam and micro switches
241627701 broken Ice Maker cam and micro switches
This machine stalls during the ice making cycle. There are two micro switches inside this box. These switches are toggled by a rotating plastic cam that turns them on and off. The problem is that they should never both be in the open state (off). This removes power to the motor and the cam stops rotating and the thing can't restart without intervention. We would pull the hanging ice cubes off which would rotate the cam far enough to close a switch and restart the cycle. You can also push on the toggle switch for 10 seconds to restart the ice maker. I thought about replacing the cam but decided that this is a design flaw with no guarantee of getting a new functional cam. Bought a replacement ice maker instead. Apparently the Frigidaire people have realized the same problem and moved on to a more reliable model. If anyone reading this knows any more about this problem please leave a comment.
Dry ice maker Blue Style
Dry ice maker Blue Style
Promocao feita no inicio de 2009 matendo o mesmo preco de 2008.

frigidaire refrigerators ice maker problems