Commercial Solid Door Refrigerators. Built Refrigerator.

Commercial Solid Door Refrigerators

commercial solid door refrigerators
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commercial solid door refrigerators - Commercial Solid
Commercial Solid Door Reach-In Refrigerator
Commercial Solid Door Reach-In Refrigerator
Commercial Solid Door Reach-In Refrigerator Arctic Air refridgerator features heavy duty construction of white textured steel exterior and white poly coated galvanized steel interior. Unit is frost free and features stainless steel door trim, kickplate, and handle. Solid doors are field reversible with standard lock. Heavy duty casters come standard. Three heavy duty steel wire shelves are included and full size sheet pans can be used. Accessory shelf kits and pan slide kits are available. Unit is NSF Listed, Energy Star approved and comes with a one year parts and labor and five year compressor warranty. White Finish. 32"W x 30"D x 75"H Overall Dimensions. 78.00 L. 35.00 W. 33.50 H.

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Here are the solids I got today for my lil swap partner. Damn you iphone and your crappy camera. Kona Colors: Pear Turquoise Orange Charcoal Ohhhhh the goodies I will make :D
Solid Snake
Solid Snake
Solid Snake as he appears in Metal Gear Solid 2.

commercial solid door refrigerators
commercial solid door refrigerators
Turbo Air TSR-23SD Deluxe 23 cu ft Single Solid Door Reach-In Commercial Refrigerator
Turbo Air Refrigeration prides itself on leading the industry in reliability, energy efficiency, durability and customer support. You can trust Turbo Air units to offer low maintenance cost, operating cost and competitive unit cost. Offereing a full line of reach-ins, undercounter, sandwich prep, pizza prep, underbar coolers, merchandisers, bakery and deli cases. 23 cu ft capacity (1 door) All stainless exterior, interior, top and back Rounded corners for an elegant look Self closing door with stop function for stocking Standard door locks Bottom mount compressor for easy service and no more bending to the floor to reach food Recessed handles Interior light Self-contained oversized refrigeration system for stable temperatures with minimum run times Exterior mounted temperature monitor Adjustable stainless steel wire shelves (3 per door section) Casters standard 27''W x 29.5''D x 83''H (with casters) 115V, 7 foot cord included/ C & US UL listed, NSF Approved 2 year parts & labor warranty plus 3 additional years warranty for compressor parts