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Caravan Fridge Parts

caravan fridge parts
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New England Bay caravan club site
New England Bay caravan club site
a very nice caravan site ... set in the sand dunes & just yards away from the beach & bay........ we took our bikes with us & it was an easy bike ride from the caravan site to the Inn at Port Logan... (about one mile)(& virtually traffic free)..... (we went a couple of times on our bikes to have a drink or two at the Inn before we cycled back again to have our evening meal)..... Mobile phones work if you go onto the beach..... tv works if you have a new digital tv.. (we didn;t & had to go into Stranraer to buy a new one!).............. things we did while we were here - . explored the Mull of Galloway & viewed the Lighthouse...... Castle Kennedy & Gardens......Glenwhan Gardens .... Logan Botanic Gardens......... Killantringan Lighthouse........ Port Logan & PortPatrick......... Kirkmadrine Stones......... & a day trip on the ferry to Belfast - Ireland which included a guided tour bus around Belfast city.
The New Home Away From Home
The New Home Away From Home
On my way home from Queensland after picking up our new All Terrain Caravan, a Tuff Roder (Part of the Aussimate Series) crafted by Royal Flair. Tare is 2245 kg and ATM 2645 kg, my trusty Colorado tows the rig with ease. I have decided to concentrate on my hobby of photography since the sad loss of my Jackie. Will use the van to get to out of way (wilderness) places away from tourists. The rig is fully self contained including Twin Solar panels, 315Ah Batteries, 12v Compressor 2 Door Refrigerator and Gen Set. Nov 2010

caravan fridge parts